Are Square-Shaped Toilet Seats Good For Your Residential & Commercial Space?

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With improvements in technology and aesthetics over the past ten years, restroom design has advanced significantly. While bathrooms were always a given, they are now vibrant, colorful, multipurpose, and bursting with extravagant color.

Are you planning to renovate your washroom in a few days? You probably wish to add some modern features to your bathroom! Adding sensor taps, hand dryers, wash troughs, and full-height cubicles may be a part of your bathroom renovation. You should not ignore adding a square toilet or square shaped toilet seat. You might have also noticed square toilets among the public washroom’s contemporary amenities. So don’t forget to add square shaped toilet seats when refurbishing your current washrooms.

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Do you wonder why the modest square shaped toilet seat and lid should be added to your bathroom? It plays a very crucial role in washroom make-over. It delivers more help to your thighs while seated. The square shaped toilet seat delivers a strong contemporary aesthetic. Its sharp, clean appearances and unique element draw the eyes.

The square-shaped toilet seat transforms the dull-looking washroom into a modern, high-functioning space. It makes the washroom ambiance welcoming. So a square toilet is a strong choice for any washroom environment. But square toilet seats aren’t for everyone, but they offer a strikingly bold look. It works well in many contemporary settings. It is also good for delivering comfort and support.

It leaves the floor beneath the toilet clear. The room appears more prominent and is easier to clean when the floor is clear. It is installed in a similar way as a floating shelf. The squire shape of the toilet pan makes it remain very strong and look significant. It is popular in the hospitality sector as well as in shopping malls, event venues, and public places.

Whether or not a square-shaped toilet seat is actually comfortable? It is one of the burning questions most people have when they come across a square toilet seat! The square toilet seat is frequently seen as more comfortable than conventional shapes, even though the majority of us are accustomed to circular versions. It delivers more support underneath the thighs when seated. It resembles sitting on a chair.

You are probably opening the square toilet seat the same as the other elongated or oval toilet seat. But it is a bit larger than conventional options. However, it will give the user the same level of comfort over long periods.

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How Long Do Toilet Seats Last And When To Replace Yours

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Toilet seats don’t have expiration dates, and it’s tough to find clear information on when to replace them with a new toilet seat. But don’t worry, we have the answer if you want to know how long toilet seats last. Most toilet seats will generally last for 3 to 5 or even more years. But it depends on several factors on how long a specific toilet seat will last. For example, it may be the type of toilet seat, the materials, the quality of the hardware, and the amount of use it receives.

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Situations & Signs that need a toilet seat change.

Toilet seats are genuinely one of the dirtiest places in your home! It is an often-overlooked part of the home. Still, people wonder when they should change their existing toilet seat for a new one! How long are they really good for? Whether the new round toilet seat they procure fits best to their toilet? In many cases, replacing toilet seats is subject to certain factors. What signs do you need to have the best round toilet seat for your existing toilet?

It no longer matches your decor.

Is your bathroom toilet seat getting old and outdated? Is it discoloured? Is the colour or design of your toilet seat outdated or ugly? Do you want to remodel your existing bathroom? Then, it is the perfect time to make a simple home update. You can do it by adding the best round toilet seat to your bathroom.

Broken toilet seat.

One of the most obvious signs to update your existing toilet seat is a damaged /cracked toilet seat. It may so happen that the hardware of the toilet seat gets damaged and no spares cannot be replaced in its place. If your toilet seat is cracked or the hinges aren’t holding up anymore, replace it with a new toilet seat.

Worn out the toilet seat.

Are the glazes and colour of your toilet seat worn out? Unfortunately, the toilet seat was filled with stains! Worn outshine or stain on the toilet make it look awkward, and it’s time to replace your toilet seat.

Uncomfortable toilet seat 

Do you or your family member in your home feel uncomfortable sitting on the toilet? Is it wobbling? It can be hazardous and sometimes make the situation annoying! Why don’t you get the best round toilet seat that gives you and your family members the satisfaction you deserve? Call us today or visit our website to find the best round toilet seat for your bathroom.

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How To Buy The Best Round Toilet Seat


Our washrooms are much more than a place where we wash. It is a place where we spend a good measure of our lives. One probably won’t know about the time we typically spend on our toilet seats; however, it is quite a bit. Toilets do not have general obligations to perform, they open, flush, and close, yet a reasonable toilet seat can influence you in numerous ways. Considering how critical a toilet seat can be in your daily existence, picking the best toilet seat is fundamental.

With various choices accessible today at multiple stores, it tends to be somewhat overpowering and confounding to pick the best toilet seat for yourself. Here is a guide that will assist you with settling on an educated conclusion about your toilet seat. There are mainly two sorts of toilet seats accessible, and you can pick the one that suits you the best. This is easy to talk about but not so easy to do; it is vital to comprehend the various kinds to get your hands on the ideal toilet seat for yourself.

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The two unique kinds of toilet seats are Elongated Toilet Seats and Round Toilet Seats. As the names recommend, Elongated Toilet Seats are oval and are somewhat longer than round toilet seats; they are viewed as more agreeable and are to some degree more costly than round seats. The Round Toilet Seats are the most ordinarily utilized, less expensive, and round in shape.

Aspects to consider to select the ideal round toilet seat


You could never desire to sit on an uncomfortable toilet seat. There are many elements that straightforwardly or in a roundabout way influence the comfort of a toilet seat – shape and material utilized. The shape of the toilet seat makes the most significant difference. The material the toilet seat is made of likewise impacts that it is so agreeable to sit on. Some toilet seats are worked with an easy-to-use material, making them more suitable.


Aside from the comfort factor, one more fundamental component to consider is the expense. Most of us look for a clear, practical, and dependable seat while being moderately agreeable. By spending some extra while buying the best round toilet seat, you can get additional solace, a more drawn-out life expectancy, upgraded convenience, or beautiful elements.


Sound is, for the most part, ignored, yet it is fundamental to consider. The clamour of the toilet seat ramming after use can become a genuine issue when you live with kids and light sleepers. A soft closed toilet seat will close gradually, disposing of the loud bang.


Purchasing a new toilet seat each year can turn into an aggravation. Instead, buying a toilet seat that is a little high on cash yet ensures solidness is consistently a superior choice.


The appearance of the toilet seat is one more significant variable to consider while purchasing a round toilet seat. A lovely-looking toilet seat that supplements the remainder of the restroom’s stylistic layout is a magnificent decision.

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What Factors Influence The Cost To Install New Toilet Seats?

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Several factors can impact the cost of a new toilet, so it’s best to be well aware of them before you make a final purchase! Factors influencing toilet installation costs include the type of toilet, where you want to install it, and whether you need some price to hire labour.

Not all toilets are made equal. It’s a no-brainer when you think about how much time you’ll spend on your toilet seat. You should select the one that appeals to you and makes you feel at ease when sitting! Different types of toilets can come with varying costs of installation. It is especially true if you choose a toilet seat that requires extra plumbing work or includes any special features. Your choice of toilet will impact the project’s final cost because it will affect supply and labour costs.

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A plumber may need to fix parts of your plumbing system while installing a new toilet. It ensures you prevent probable leaks. However, it can increase the cost. Simple repairs include changing the toilet wax ring, repairing the toilet flange, and replacing the toilet seat. But contractors will likely charge the price based on the type and complexity of the job. You should expect your labour costs to increase if complicated plumbing is involved.

Before you purchase a new toilet and you may hire a professional to install it!You should inform the current plumbing situation to the supplier. If you’re installing an identical toilet unit in place of the old one, the water and waste supply can be easily hooked up, and the toilet fitting should be relatively quick and easy to carry out. As a result, it will cost you less.

The cost will be influenced by where you want your new toilet to be installed. Do you want your new bathroom installed in a particularly small or tight space? It will take time to complete the job. Therefore, it will impact the labour costs. If you have an old toilet that needs to be removed before the new one can be installed, this will also increase the final cost of the job.

Additional costs may be incurred due to water damage from existing leaks around the toilet piping. For example, repairs are essential for protection from structural damage and leak. Depending on the contractor, it will cost around £100-£150. If you want to add new Duravit toilet seats or replace the existing ones, you can add an extra £120-£125 to the budget.

Removing a toilet is a tricky job. It will need to be handled carefully! If the current plumbing condition in your house is below par, old or leaky, you will likely need to pay more for toilet installation. The project’s price will be based on the ease of the job, and the contractor hired.

Be savvy about the type of toilet you choose to have installed. Avoid extra plumbing as it will keep the price down. Also, avoid moving the toilet to a new position as this will require additional plumbing fees. If you’re considering hiring a qualified professional, and find the genuine Duravit toilet seats for replacement, then it is wise to contact Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats. They offer you the best price possible for a genuine Duravit toilet and its seats!