Bring Comfort To Your Toileting Session With An Ideal Standard Concept Toilet Seat

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Ideal standard concept E7889 are a practical and quiet alternative to traditional toilet seats. The modern and functional design means that the Ideal standard concept soft-close toilet seats close slowly in a controlled manner without requiring any assistance. Although they are maintenance-free, they may need a little adjustment from time to time. The lowering action on most soft-close seats cannot be adjusted, but a minor adjustment to the hinges make it function smoothly.

Ideal Standard New Style Concept and New Oracle Seat Hinges Soft Close EV287AA

Ideal standard concept E7889 are the soft-close toilet seat work by using slow-collapsing hinges. They’re built to drop your seat smoothly and also in a couple of seconds.  It has a unique slow-close hinge system that lowers the toilet seat softly.These hinges are installed directly onto the back of the toilet bowl, then the seat and lid assembly click into the hinges. When a user opens the soft-close toilet seat, it remains upright until the user gently pushes it slightly downward.The lid close slowly and rest on the toilet bowl gently. The springs in the soft close hinges have shock absorption mechanism that tend to wear out over time. As a result, it generates grating squeaks that are far more aggravating.

The ideal standard E7889 toilet seat is a soft-close toilet seat that is slowly lower when tilted forward. It prevents the seat from slamming down, hence protecting the toilet seat and hinges from getting damaged or make sound or disturb other family members. But sometimes, it may come out of alignment or start to slide around on top of the bowl. It will let you comprehend an unsatisfying toilet session. The most important benefit of adding an Ideal standard concept E7889 toilet seat is that it will add the desired comfort level to your toileting session. Yes, some issues occur in it after an extended period, and it may happen due to its hinges or the dampers in it. The damper on the left regulates the seat, and the damper on the right regulates the lid of an Ideal standard concept toilet seat. It controls the soft-close action, and these may need to be adjusted or replaced if the lid suddenly starts slamming.

Did you find your soft close toilet seat stopped working? It needs an adjustment! Adjustment of Ideal standard concept soft-close toilet seats are easy.

  • Raise the soft-close toilet seat’s lid and seat to the highest possible setting.

  • Pull the seat and lid off the hinges by pressing the release button in the centre of the soft-close toilet seat.

  • Examine the toilet seat once again closely. For the majority of the cases, your bathroom probably did have holes for underside access.

  • Loosen the adjustment/retaining screws on the hinges set in the “fixing holes” on the back of the toilet bowl with a screwdriver.

  • Re-align the seat, Adjust the loose hinges by hand to the desired position, then tighten the adjustment/retaining screws into place with a screwdriver.

  • Press the seat and lid assembly onto the adjusted hinges to finish. Check the tension and close the lid. Your soft-close toilet seat is now adjusted correctly.

Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats in the UK is pleased to present premium quality Ideal standard concept E7889 soft close toilet seats and its hinges online. Here you will indeed find the toilet seat hinges that you are looking for. But you should be careful to match the part correctly for your seatbefore ordering because many Ideal Standard parts look very similar to each other but may not be interchangeable from one model to another!

Close Coupled Toilet With Soft-Close Seat: Providing Accessible Interior Tools For Your Bathroom


You can pay less for maintenance when you opt for the close coupled toilet with soft-close seats. However, the fact is that everyone wants to build a dream home. Unfortunately, you need to set aside a lot of resources to make this possible. Moreover, your finances will have an impact on the type of quality home you want to build.

IDEAL STANDARD E772401 Concept Toilet

Perhaps, you want the best toilet equipment for your home. Then, you can get the close coupled toilet with soft-close seats at affordable rates. Therefore, here are some of the highlights of opting for the close coupled toilet with a soft-close seat.

  1. Safety

There could come a time in which your children will use the toilet in your absence. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a close coupled toilet with a soft-close seat. The fact is that this toilet seat has minimal impact irrespective of the pressure users apply to close it. This way, you rest assured that your children will not sustain injuries while using the toilet.

  1. Simplified installation

You do not have to hire a technician before you can fix a toilet with soft-close seats in your bathroom. The fact is that this toilet seat has easy detachment, making cleaning easy. Perhaps, you want to clean your toilet. You do not have to struggle with cleaning angles that are beyond your reach. Instead, you can unscrew the toilet seat, wash the dirty curves and screw back the toilet seat.

  1. Durability

The majority of the toilet seats in some homes cannot stand the test of time. The fact is that toilet seats without soft-close features can break because of the banging effect. Interestingly, your children may develop a habit of slamming the toilet seat after every use. Therefore, opting for a toilet with soft-close seats can minimize the cost of repair or replacement.

  1. Noise control

Sometimes, the slamming sound from a toilet seat can make you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps, your children wake up often in the middle of the night to use the toilet. There is a high chance that you may experience sleep disturbance. However, getting a close coupled toilet with soft-close seats can help users control noise during toilet usage. This way, you can enjoy the sleep at any time of the day. After all, you can be less concerned about the number of times users visit the toilet at night. The fact is that toilets with soft-close seats can cancel noise.

Finally, you can switch to a new toilet facility by discarding your old toilet. Fortunately, the close coupled toilet with soft-close seats has all the modern features to meet your needs. All you have to do is call in today for more inquiries.

Ideal Standard Toilet Seat Spares: Facilitating A New Look For Your Toilet

The downside about old structures is that you need to give them a face-lift. Unfortunately, many potential homeowners provide too much attention to the exterior without considering the interior. Interestingly, one of the places homeowners never think of renovating is the toilet. The fact is that a substandard bathroom may reduce the worth of a property you are planning to sell to clients. Interestingly, most old properties have restrooms without a seat. Therefore, it will be difficult to lease an attractive home with a terrible toilet to potential clients. Even if you agree to accept rent, you may have to charge at low prices. However, the ideal standard toilet seat spares can make provision for homeowners to facilitate toilet seat replacement. On this note, here are the beneficial highlights of opting for the ideal standard toilet seat for your property.

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  1. Protection

A toilet without a seat can aid the spread of bacteria in your home. Therefore, you should not see toilet seats as a minor toilet component. After all, a toilet seat can keep a disgusting smell from polluting the atmosphere in your home. The fact is that the ideal standard toilet seat spares can ensure the proper closure of your toilet seats. Interestingly, many toilet seats after several usages may be hard to close properly. Therefore, you can get a replacement that can lock the air in the toilet whenever you flush.

  1. Stability

A good toilet seat should make users feel comfortable whenever they use the restroom. Unfortunately, some toilet seats usually tilt to the left or right after supporting a one’s weight. Likewise, an unstable toilet seat may cause injuries to the users. Therefore, if your toilet seat is terrible, you can get a replacement from ideal standard toilet seat spares. The fact is that this toilet seat can provide a firm grip on your ceramic. This way, users can feel safe in the course of using the toilet. After all, these standard toilet seat spares have durable components that provide value for money.

  1. Durability

The colour pattern of some toilet seats starts to fade after a short while. Therefore, this occurrence can make your toilet look unattractive. The fact is that the new colour pattern on your toilet seats can make cleaning look difficult. After all, your toilet seat may have a weak coating. However, opting for the standard toilet seat spares can assure clients of long lasting colour pattern. The fact is that this toilet seat has robust layers that make cleaning easy for users.

Finally, you may not necessarily discard your old toilet for a new one. If you run a check on your old toilets, you may need just spares to make it work again. Therefore, embracing the ideal standard toilet seat spares can make toilet seat repair and replacement look easy. On this note, it would be best if you call in today for more inquiries.

Improve The Value Of Your Home With An Appropriate Square Toilet Seat Replacement


Toilets are considered to be one of the crucial parts in everyday life. It is one of the most integral moving parts in your home or commercial space; hence it will require serious attention. The square toilet seat, for example, needs to undergo frequent checks and is often one of those things in a washroom that sees more than its fair share of wear and tear. It is looking significantly different from conventional options. But the exciting thing is that it will give some extra support to the users. Although it will look a little unusual still there will not be any difference in its installation and maintenance. 

You may need to get your square toilet seat replaced for several reasons! From repeated knocks and scrapes to general misuse in high traffic environments, the time inevitably comes when a toilet seat needs replacing. It may be broken or cracked or getting damaged due to specific reasons. It may wobble and move around when sat on, or getting old, or you want to have something new.

Square toilet seats are fixed to the square toilet pan. It may be a wall-hung variety or close-coupled design or a traditional square toilet pan. Replacing the existing or installing a new toilet seat is a simple DIY job. Square toilet seat replacement or fitting a new toilet seat is often one of the easier and quicker DIY jobs in your bathroom. One can do it in a matter of ten to twenty minutes. But have you ever considered the size of the toilet before buying one? The shape of the existing square toilet pan is essential. The square bathrooms come in a range of different sizes; that’s why it’s necessary to measure your current toilet seat before you buy the new toilet seat. You should consider a few basic things such as the length from the holes at the backside of your toilet to the very front edge of your toilet, width from edge to edge and the distance between the centre of each fixing hole. 

First, remove the old or damaged square toilet seat safely. If the metal bolts and nuts fitted, found to be corroded or stuck due to moisture and humidity, then use a hacksaw or angle grinder to get the old or broken toilet seat off. Do the necessary cleaning of the area before lining up your new toilet seats. Add the seals to the long bolt before offering up your new toilet seat. Make sure that the new toilet seats sit evenly on the rim of the new or existing square toilet pan, and rear bolts will fit thoroughly within the two holes behind the toilet. They should be visible from underneath. Screw on the nuts on the underside, and check whether you are happy with the position. After that, you can secure them tightly to finish the job. 

Shop the best toilet seats from Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats If you need more assistance or advice in fitting your square toilet or you like to learn more about the product type & service, please get in touch with Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats today. You will find a wide range of new toilet seats that fit best to suit all types of toilets.