How Long Do Toilet Seats Last? When Should You Replace It?

Ideal Standard Round Toilet Seat

Like other materials, the toilet seats also have an expiration date! But it is difficult to know how often you should replace your toilet seats. Toilet seats should typically endure for five years. Therefore, replacing your toilet seats every 5-7 years is fair. The durability of the toilet seat is based on the material, installation quality, and use. A five to seven-year lifespan is suitable for replacing a new toilet seat. However, some factors can help you know how long it will last or when it is time to replace your toilet seat.



Generally, toilet seats are made from either premium-quality plastic or wood. The most typical material used in the making of toilet seats is plastic. Polypropylene is a prevalent and long-lasting plastic substance. The second type of plastic used in toilet seats is duroplast. It is incredibly strong and won’t disintegrate easily. Due to their propensity for breaking, wooden toilet seats are less durable than plastic toilet seats. It may rot and get worn. Wooden toilet seats made up of compressed wood will last a long time! It is less prone to cracking as well.

Hinges and Accessories

Hinges are a fundamental element in toilet seat hardware. Low-quality hinges and accessories will be the first point of toilet seat failure. It will force you to replace the toilet seat sooner. Mishandling will develop issues in toilet seats.

Amount of Use

Larger families use toilet seats more times than small families. Therefore, the toilet seat in a small family will last longer than the toilet seat of a large family. It happens due to the frequency of using the toilet seat. The durability depends on the number of times the seat is opened and closed. It will affect the hinges and subsequently jeopardise the seat due to banging while closing.


This mainly applies to wooden seats. Wooden seats are susceptible to high moisture, especially if they have not been coated with unique materials such as varnish. Therefore, you might need to change your wooden toilet seats more frequently if you live in a humid environment or have your toilet close to the bathtub or shower. It is wise to use Ideal Standard Concept E7889 toilet seat and lid instead of wood in a moist bathroom environment.


Renovations raise the possibility of accidents. If a hefty object, such as a hammer, lands on the toilet seat. It might cause cracks and call for a new lid and seat for the toilet. Remove the seat and cover the toilet with some safe material to protect your toilet seat and plumbing.

Choose an Ideal Standard Concept E7889 toilet seat and lid that meets your criteria and gives your bathroom a pleasant look. It should be comfortable to sit on, as you would use it several times a day. Fortunately, the Ideal Standard Concept E7889 toilet seat and lid can transform the looks of your bathroom.

Toilet Seats Keep Your Space Protected From Bacteria.

Ideal Standard Round Toilet Seat

A toilet seat is more comfortable than sitting on a hard, cold porcelain surface! The best toilet seat allows you to focus on your purpose without hesitation! It will keep you protected from the contents of the toilet bowl. Ideal Standard Concept E7889, with its soft close feature, makes you worry-free about germs sticking to your bottom when using it.


To maintain cleanliness, the toilet seat is made to fit along the toilet bowl. It reduces the transfer of germs! Multiple people will be using the toilet, whether it is in a home, workplace, or public space. It means the toilet is home to a variety of bacteria. Hence keeping the toilet clean is so important. A toilet seat is used to keep the space protected from bacteria. On average, there are 300 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat. This is because you’re separated from the contents of the bowl when you sit on a toilet seat. (which may be over 3 million bacteria per square inch). Using the seat also keeps the bowl clean. You can wipe away the things if there is any mess falling on the seat. It also keeps the toilet bowl well protected. One of the most frequent bathroom problems is a loose or broken toilet seat, which can linger unfixed for months or even years.

A loose toilet seat can raise issues with cleanliness and safety. Another sign that it’s time to replace your toilet seat is the need to tighten it frequently. Your seat could develop fractures, or its slow-close mechanism could break. Cracks can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, and excitement of the wrong kind results from jerking your fingers out of the way to prevent being pinched by a seat that is dropping. What actions may you then take to address the problem? First things first: always measure your toilet before purchasing a seat. You can replace it with a new Ideal Standard Concept E7889 toilet seat!

You must know exactly which size of toilet seat you should bring for your toilet. Once you find the correct shape and dimensions, go through a toilet seat buying guide! You get through buying information there! Based on it, you can get a new Ideal Standard Concept E7889 toilet seat for your needs. It is durable and can add beauty to your bathroom. These toilet seats are an efficient and silent replacement for standard toilet seats. Thanks to their contemporary and useful design, these toilet seats close steadily and without assistance. Its innovative features make your life less stressful.

Finally, check out the toilet seat fitting guide for step-by-step instructions once your purchase has arrived. Installing a toilet seat is one of the easiest plumbing-related tasks and can give your bathroom a quick facelift. Do you need any help identifying a tool or material for installing a toilet seat? Contact Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats today! They will send you the specific product you desire.

Reap The Benefits Of Adding A Close Coupled Toilet With A Soft Close Seat To Your Bathroom

Close Coupled Toilet

Close-coupled toilet with soft-closing toilet seats is a practical and quiet alternative to traditional toilet seats. The modern and functional design close coupled toilet with a soft seat means a comfortable bathroom experience. Why? It is because the toilet seat closes in a controlled manner without requiring assistance. Here are the key arguments for why a soft-seat, close-coupled toilet is a welcoming and practical addition to any bathroom.

Close Coupled Toilet With Softclose Seat

Minimal Noise

Close coupled toilets with soft-closing toilet seats are almost impossible to slam. It won’t cause a loud clatter, or you should not grip them. Compared to noisy traditional toilet seats, a close coupled toilet with soft-closing toilet seats creates almost no noise. It could be a great choice to ensure privacy in your bathroom. The low sound of these seats is helpful for families with small children. It is good for people who have particular trouble with closing seats properly! Close coupled toilets with soft-closing toilet seats can benefit households where there are frequent late-night bathroom trips. It is a less obvious choice that minimizes noise upsetting individuals who are asleep. Every one may rest well because of the design’s accessibility, which makes it more pleasant for anyone using the restroom in the middle of the night.

Easier Maintenance

A close coupled toilet with soft-closing toilet seats is simple to remove. They often come with a quick release function. It allows you to remove the toilet seat altogether. This enables you to clean the toilet thoroughly without wrestling with the seat. It helps you to remove grime and dirt with ease. So, cleaning it & the toilet bowl can be easier than its traditional counterparts. Most soft-close toilet seats are made of bacteria-resistant plastic or vinyl. It makes it free from mold or mildew compared to older toilet seats. So, they don’t require frequent cleaning.

Safer Use

Close-coupled toilets with soft-closing toilet seats are essential for homes with young children. It makes it possible for them to easily use the restroom without the risk of damaging their fingertips. There is no chance of becoming stuck under a large seat. A closed-linked toilet with soft-closing toilet seats requires no force to close, in contrast to standard toilet seats, which can be readily opened and closed too forcibly. It also makes less noise than traditional styles. It also minimizes the impact of the seat on the toilet. As a result, your toilet bowl won’t sustain any harm over time. The risk of damage to the toilet and the seat itself is decreased by a soft close seat, which absorbs the force of this collision.

Easy Installation

It is wise to go with a close coupled toilet with a soft close seat if you are buying a new toilet or a toilet seat! They frequently come standard with a soft closing seat. A soft close seat can be added to an existing toilet in a very short amount of time. Any novice can install it with a few home tools, like a flat-head screwdriver. However, the close coupled toilet with a soft close seat is straightforward to install or remove. It will take a few minutes if you follow the instruction booklet or guides online.

Close coupled toilets with soft close seats are an asset to any bathroom. It offers a practical alternative to regular toilet use.

There is a soft closing seat for you, regardless of the size or design of your toilet. For more information on the close coupled toilet with a soft close seat, please contact Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats at 01482 231273 today!

Are Square-Shaped Toilet Seats Good For Your Residential & Commercial Space?

Red Softclose Seat

With improvements in technology and aesthetics over the past ten years, restroom design has advanced significantly. While bathrooms were always a given, they are now vibrant, colorful, multipurpose, and bursting with extravagant color.

Are you planning to renovate your washroom in a few days? You probably wish to add some modern features to your bathroom! Adding sensor taps, hand dryers, wash troughs, and full-height cubicles may be a part of your bathroom renovation. You should not ignore adding a square toilet or square shaped toilet seat. You might have also noticed square toilets among the public washroom’s contemporary amenities. So don’t forget to add square shaped toilet seats when refurbishing your current washrooms.

Shop Square Shaped Toilet Seat

Do you wonder why the modest square shaped toilet seat and lid should be added to your bathroom? It plays a very crucial role in washroom make-over. It delivers more help to your thighs while seated. The square shaped toilet seat delivers a strong contemporary aesthetic. Its sharp, clean appearances and unique element draw the eyes.

The square-shaped toilet seat transforms the dull-looking washroom into a modern, high-functioning space. It makes the washroom ambiance welcoming. So a square toilet is a strong choice for any washroom environment. But square toilet seats aren’t for everyone, but they offer a strikingly bold look. It works well in many contemporary settings. It is also good for delivering comfort and support.

It leaves the floor beneath the toilet clear. The room appears more prominent and is easier to clean when the floor is clear. It is installed in a similar way as a floating shelf. The squire shape of the toilet pan makes it remain very strong and look significant. It is popular in the hospitality sector as well as in shopping malls, event venues, and public places.

Whether or not a square-shaped toilet seat is actually comfortable? It is one of the burning questions most people have when they come across a square toilet seat! The square toilet seat is frequently seen as more comfortable than conventional shapes, even though the majority of us are accustomed to circular versions. It delivers more support underneath the thighs when seated. It resembles sitting on a chair.

You are probably opening the square toilet seat the same as the other elongated or oval toilet seat. But it is a bit larger than conventional options. However, it will give the user the same level of comfort over long periods.

If you’d like further advice regarding square toilets or take advantage of premium quality square-shaped toilet seats, visit They work with a range of leading sanitary ware manufacturers such as RAK, Twyford, Armitage Shanks, and several renowned brands to offer the best products at great prices. Please get in touch with Cheap Replacement Toilet Seats  by calling them at 01482 231273!