Finding the Right Wedding Videographers in Essex – A Few Advices

Getting married soon? Or planning a wedding for your closed ones? Looking for professional cinematic Essex wedding videographers for creating wedding video albums of the best quality? Then take a look at some of the advices on finding the right cinematic Essex wedding videographers:


Friendly Videographers and Photographers Are Your Best Bet

Weddings are jam packed with a number of moments, emotions and more, which you may want to get captured for creating the most natural yet expressive in a short amount of time. Your videographer must film all the key scenes that include getting ready, the first look, the vows, the ceremony, reception and many more. So your videographer must be friendly with you so that you can feel comfortable while getting filmed by them. You can always ask your wedding planner to recommend a videographer for enjoying a seamless day of experience.

Look For a Videographer Who is Comfortable With Your Venue

You may find a number of amazing videographers in Essex but you should choose the one who has experience in filming at a venue that resembles your venue. And if they have experience in filming at your venue that would be more comfortable for them to shoot as well as you. You should also request for sample films to watch and show them the example of the film that you like from you venue or a venue similar to it. Confirm if they can shoot similar circumstances comfortably or not.


Hire a Videographer who Can Provide You the style of Wedding Video You Prefer

Once you shortlist some of the cinematic Essex wedding videographers who are within your budget and are comfortable with the venue, you must discuss and share your ideas and preferences with them so that they can understand what you are actually looking for in your wedding film. To get ideas you watch a number of sample films as every wedding film varies. While some comprise mostly the getting ready and staged bride and groom moments, some other films cover candid moments that capture real emotions. Also, some include only music while others include vows, toasts and speeches. You can find a myriad of ideas in such videos that you may want to implement in your wedding video. Be specific with the type of videos you love and let them choose the best style for you.

Know What is Included in your Videography Package

The popularity of wedding films have increased a lot nowadays, hence you can find a variety of package options. You need to understand everything that comes within your videography package as it will help you in ensuring that you won’t be disappointed later. When your videographer sends you examples of the things included in your package such as full edit, Instagram teaser, trailer and so on, make sure to watch each and every example thoroughly and be sure that it is the type of wedding video you desire and the amount is within your budget.



Chris Woodman is one of the creative cinematic Essex wedding videographers with a largely unobtrusive approach guiding couples when needed. Visit for more information.

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How To Hire Top Cinematic Essex Wedding Videographers

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the happiest and busiest days of your life! The food is delicious, the decor is gorgeous, but the only things that you will be able to preserve your entire life are your wedding photographs, videos, and beautiful memories.

While most couples don’t have any experience taking to a wedding videographer, so they are unsure taking what to look for and what to ask in order to be rest assured that it will be everything they have dreamed of. Many also get confused taking the difference between cinematic and traditional wedding videography. But the answer gets simple once you know it!

A cinematic wedding video usually tells a story. And this is done through the mix of speeches, music, and images. The video is shot differently as the cinematographer shoots them in high quality short clips. This is because the video tells a story, and not just documents every single minute of the day. Whereas a traditional videographer usually keeps on shooting continuously. There is less creativity involved besides documenting everything that goes on around. There is no storytelling involved and it does not give you those emotions you would get from cinematic wedding videography.

However, cinematic wedding videos are getting popular. And here is a little guide on how to select reliable, professional, and right cinematic Essex wedding videographers for you as a couple.


It is very important to know the experience of the company you are hiring for. How many years they have been in business? Do they specialize in both wedding photographs and videos? How many wedding seasons they have gone through? You want to work with and hire a company with expertise in cinematic wedding videos. Wedding videos are completely different, and the videographers get only one chance to get that shot perfect.


Who is going to work with you throughout the process? Are you going to work with the staff or the owner? Your wedding films and videos are an important investment. So, who is servicing you and how they are servicing you is of utmost importance.


The primary thing that you need to identify is the style of your cinematic videographer. Review their website by taking a look at their website samples. This is often a good thing as you get to see their creativity and how they paint on a blank canvas. If you have any ideas in your mind, reveal the same to your videographer as this will help them understand and execute your style.


Who will be filming your wedding? Do they have the best cinematic Essex wedding videographers that are trained to film weddings or do they just hire freelancers to shoot the wedding booked? Be aware of this. Weddings are live events and require a specific level of experience and expertise. It is important that your team of videographers has the same level of experience as you do not want to randomly hire any videographer to film your once-in-a-lifetime event.

In a nutshell, you want your wedding videography experience to be all that you have dreamed of! So it’s best to hire our professional cinematic Essex wedding videographers who would love to capture your special day with all their hearts. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Top Tips in Hiring the Best Wedding Photographer Essex

Now that you have a wedding to plan, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the numerous things you need to decide. From the wedding decor to the dress – there are numerous things to take care of. And one of the crucial decisions is to hire a wedding photographer. Since this is the most memorable day of your life, you need the top wedding photographer Essex to capture its true essence.

Amidst the plethora of names in the industry, choosing the best wedding photographer can be intimidating. So to help you in hiring the top wedding photographer in Essex, here are the tips that you need to know.


The photography style to look for

Do you want the posed, candid, or cinematic style pictures? Do you want natural clicks or images to be edited and filled with special effects? Every photographer has their style. It is better to know before whether that is the kind of photography style that you would want for your wedding.

Feedback and reviews

Always check their reviews online before hiring the top wedding photographer Essex. You can know about a company and its services by looking at the reviews they have earned. Look for both positive and negative reviews and the reason behind the negative reviews.


Portfolios and sample albums

Ask for the photographer for his collection before signing the contract. It is important to know what kind of photography he does in order to know the photography skills that you can use at your wedding. Their portfolio is an important piece as if you want to have similar photos on your D-day, then you have found your guy for the day. Also, the sample album will tell you about the kind of work that he has done in the past.

Personality check

Look for a photographer who will understand what you want and how you want on your D-day. Since communication is the key, look for a person who’s easy to talk to as you need to tell him your exact ideas for the day. Do you want cinematic photography or a traditional one? Ask what is the latest followed trend? Figure out what you want from all the available options, and this could only happen when the person of interest has the right attitude and is polite. Also, ask if they or their associates will be taking the pictures because in that case, look at their work samples too.



If only we could live in a world without money. Well, it’s still a dream. So, make sure to ask about any additional expenses, hidden charges, complimentary engagement shoots, etc. How much deposit do they take? What’s their cancellation and refund policy? Choosing the right photographer I a very overwhelming task, so selecting the one who will fit in the budget is like a dream come true! So, book in advance!

Hope these tips will help you find the top wedding photographer Essex in all the right ways. So, a big shout-out to those professionals as they are the ones who capture those beautiful moments of your wedding so that you can cherish them forever!

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Chris Woodman Photography is a fantastic option for Cinematic Wedding Videographers Essex

Welcome to Chris Woodman Photography. We’re an established & trusted photography business providing authentic wedding photography to our couples. We’re very passionate about capturing the essence of the day in our signature cinematic style. We keep things relaxed & simple so our couples gain confidence in front of the camera. We want to show real personalities on the day so much of our coverage is documentary but we do guide when it’s needed. We appreciate that a majority of our couples are not professional models so sometimes a little guidance goes a long way.

We now shoot film & photography with plenty of options so that our couples end up with exactly what they want for their wedding day. As long as we have good light throughout the day, we won’t need to interrupt the flow. Our videographers typically shadow the photographer & capture the day in full on documentary style.

The photographs and the videos captured by Chris Woodman Photography have proved very successful over the last 8 years. Every single wedding is unique to the couple. We won’t ever treat your day the same as another couple, ensuring the coverage is authentic to you.

We often shoot over a 10-hour period (more hours can be added), but we find that we can cover everything from getting ready through to a couple of songs after the first dance to tell the full story. You’ll only ever need more hours if you have things like fireworks in the evening.

We provide Cinematic Wedding Videosin different lengths depending on what your requirements are at your wedding. Our Cinematic Wedding Videos start at 5-6 minutes as a highlights film and can go up to 20 minutes if you have plenty going on throughout the big day. We’re recommended suppliers in many of the big wedding venues in Essex to give you every confidence in our ability.If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with outstandingCinematic Wedding Videos, please consider Chris Woodman Photography. We’ve crafted a fine business in the wedding industry and deliver high-end Cinematic Wedding Videography to accompany our photography.

Cinematic Wedding Videographers Essex: Our Cinematic Wedding Videos portrayyour story accurately where speeches, music, and images are fused. We use professional mics for the speeches and readings to get crystal clear audio. We have a license that allows you to choose ANY songs of your choice over the top of your Cinematic Wedding Videography. We will ask you for between 5-7 of your favourite songs so our editor can match your choices to the flow of the day.

Our Cinematic Wedding Videographers are all full-time professionals with high standards and more importantly the ability to create our signature style. Whom over you get assigned on your big day, we’re very confident that you’ll receive a video you’ll be proud of.

The Cinematic Wedding Videopackages include ‘Gold’where you’ll receive a highlights film, your ceremony in full from 2 different angles and your speeches in full too. This is full day coverage.

The ‘Platinum’ Film Package also offers full day coverage and all of the above but you also get a second mini highlights film (2-3 minutes in length) which is great for sharing with friends and family.

Many couples choose to have 2 photographers &/or 2 videographers depending on the logistics of the day and how much you’ve got going on. You’ll get double the coverage and we’ll capture things that you simply can’t get if you have 1 videographer and 1 photographer like both reactions as you see each other for the first time at the altar.

We know our stuff and we have plenty of couples that are raving about our services.

Contact us today for the best Cinematic Wedding Videography.

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