How to Tackle the Challenges Involved With Construction Document Management

Document management mightn’t sound desirable, but efficient document management is vital to the success of construction projects. As contractors shift from pen & paper to digital, paperless operating environments, they’ve discovered an array of solutions for document management available to them, some more sophisticated than others.

The challenges of construction document management:

Document management isn’t a small thing. Contracts, compliance documentation, drawings and specs and more all assure a project is executed as per plan. These documents play a central role in construction. But several common challenges emerge related to document management, even in modern construction companies:


Version mix-up: As revisions take place, multiple versions of documents are generated. Which involved parties mayn’t be aware of or have instant access to. This can easily lead to errors and rework if team consult an outmoded document.

Access difficulties: Finding the correct paper documents can take time but accessing digital documents in the field can be time-consuming as well. Slow VPNs, internet connectivity problems, file permission issues and other interruptions can emerge, particularly when more than one digital solutions are used to store, send or access documents.


Wasted time: Without an integrated repository for documents, everybody spends extra time looking for what they require.

Centralize your data:

The first step to getting a control over document management at your company is to centralize your documents. An integrated software that gives access to the most up-to-date project documents in real time makes it easier for all personnel of your project team to find what they require and implement a project properly.

Make documents accessible anywhere:

Then, you’ve to make that single document source readily accessible to everybody who needs it. Cloud-based document storage lets your crew access documents in the field, often from a web browser.


ISETIA, for example, can be accessed using a computer in the office, or a smartphone out in the field thanks to its easy-to-use browser interface. This allows for real-time sharing & viewing of critical documents. It consist of a customizable folder structure, so it is simple to navigate, and includes a complete version history and audit trail so you can see who has made modifications to documents.

The best document management software like ISETIA is highly customizable, so you can set up a user interface and filing system that makes sense for your business. An integrated, dependable document management solution eventually allows better collaboration for everybody working on your project and provides you more control over documentation. You don’t need to be concerned of incorrect data floating around & leading to mistakes on your jobsites.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Document Management System

If you are reading this post, then possibilities are your construction document management system needs an overhaul. Gone are the days when paper, pen, and a filing cabinet could keep your documentation safe, organized, and easily accessible. In an ever-changing world, construction document management is quickly evolving. Most corporations today are using document management software to get the job done.


Why construction firm have a strong need for document management system?

All businesses need to track, organize, share, and manage their important documents – but because of the nature of construction work a secure, cloud-based document management software is especially important for construction documents. Since construction project implementation consist of complicated project management & shareholder collaboration, construction firms have an especially strong need for a robust document management software.


Why employ software to store construction documents?

Construction projects need association with several shareholders, managing communications across teams, and assuring everybody is working off of current up-to-date construction documents such as drawings. Change of orders, and RFIs. In the construction industry, it’s important to have project documents organized into a single source of truth. This assures that the whole construction crew has the complete & up-to-date info they require in order to accomplish the job properly.


What benefits expected from a robust document management system?

  • Enhanced collaboration: By storing construction documents in a cloud-based, digital platform, you are allowed to easily provide stakeholders and team members with the appropriate level of access & visibility.
  • Save time & decrease managerial load: When you’ve a single source of truth for accessing project info, everybody can get the info they require with lesser emails, phone calls, and disruptions.
  • Cost savings: With a digital document storage solution by your side, you can decrease paper, printing, and managerial expenses related with manual processes.


What are some of the features to look for in a document management system?

  • Unrestricted storage – You must be able to save all your important project documents in place, for a single source of truth. Choose a system with no restriction on storage to ensure you don’t need to pick and choose.
  • In the cloud – With a cloud-based document management system, you can access project documents like drawings, change orders, financial info such as budgets & costs, submittals , and more from anywhere, even from the field on mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Unlimited Users: With robust permission & access control ensure everybody on the project team, including vendors, subcontractors, and other external shareholders have the info they require.

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How Cloud Help With Collaboration in the Construction Industry

Earlier, the construction industry used to encounter many challenges while sending files back and forth through emails. However, with the evolution of technology, cloud computing came as a saviour that sorted construction industry problems. With cloud, it’s now feasible to access back-office info & a reporting functionality from anywhere on job site or off job site.


Collaboration in construction industry:

Cloud-based collaboration in the construction industry is an excellent way to eradicate the nuisance between the field and back office, suppliers and contractors, stakeholders, and everybody engaged in between.

Here is how cloud can enable collaboration in the construction industry:

Streamlined project collaboration & scheduling:

Each project demands different schedules & completion appraisal. There’re different ways to keep an eye on the project’s progress manually. For some projects, tasks include regularly sending out the calendar to the team members while other needs coordinating with them and setting up a meeting every day to accomplish the objective.

Thus, it becomes tough to have real-time access to the project schedule.


Collaboration becomes more effortless with the cloud. The shareholders, both internal & external to the company, can access the schedule if only one master calendar is set up. The team members can update their new events. This lets them set a priority for themselves what deadline to meet first.


Thus, the cloud enables collaboration between the contractors and stakeholders, lines up the project with right schedule, and manages the suitable coordination among the team.

File storage & sharing:

The best thing about cloud-based construction collaboration software is the ease of accessibility of files. There might be numerous shareholders with whom you wish to share the project’s update. Sending data files via emails and then taking the changes forward within the email can be a time-taking endeavour.


Cloud eradicates the accessibility concern. The contractors and stakeholders can view the same file at the same time. With this, multiple users of the project can access the file anytime & anywhere across the globe, and even limit the access to only a few selected staff. This allows them to keep the data handy every time.

Eases communication with the off-site teams:

Communication can be a difficult task with the off site team members. This is a pretty common issue in the construction industry when supervising the work at diverse sites. Having all the info at one place that is easily accessible by the off-site & on-site teams help ineradicating cross-communication risks. For more information visit our website or email us at [email protected] .

What Are the Benefits Of A Reliable Document Management System In Construction

Bidding documents, scopes of work, contractor agreements, bill of quantities: These are just some of the documents needed for any construction project – and that is prior to any actual building starts. Keeping an eye on all these paperwork, noting changes, and communicating updates to the correct people can quickly go out of control without right document management. Therefore figuring out a good construction document management system is really critical.


What are the advantages of construction document management?

A reliable document management system in construction provide shareholders these major benefits:

Institute a single source of truth:

Working together as a team needs a constant stream of communication. When you make decisions as straightforward as approving a purchase requisition or contractor engagement, you require instant access to dependable info like status & pricing. In brief, you & your crew require a single source of truth that everybody can rely on.

The bestdocument and project management software like ISETIA provide a central, easy-to-access repository for all the documents that are important to a project. This centralization is critical to proficient collaboration, reducing errors, preventing replica documents, and more.


Improves communication between and among departments and shareholders:

Besides creating an integrated storage space for important documents, good document management can enhance the communication quality between and among departments and internal and external shareholders, including contractors & subcontractors, project managers, accounting, and job site workers.

Helps control & decrease spend:

Cost overrun is a major problem with enterprise projects, with 3 out of ten projects surpassing their original budgets. One effective way to conquer cost overrun is with a well-organized document management process. Your company gains when everybody works from the same set of plans and knows when charges are done.


For instance, a general contractor who has the most up-to-date set of blueprints, timelines, and scopes of work knows what to prioritize and when. Moreover, he’ll know which changes to execute and which to ignore. Having this knowledge in-hand means the general contractor can concentrate on the appropriate task at the appropriate time, all of which keeps costs down.

In building your document management system, you’ve several options. Since the integrity of your system will depend on the software you select, ensure to choose one that’ll be solid enough to take care of your needs.


As you look for the Best Document and Project Management Software for your construction project, look for a software that: