Refresh the Look of Your Bathroom with Some Elegant Looking Shower Accessories

You can certainly wipe away your stress and refresh yourself by taking a nice and soothing bath. A hot shower in winter always cleans our mind and body; whereas a cold shower in the summer is the best way to freshen yourself up. You must be cautious in choosing your bath and shower accessories in Toronto, in order to optimize the way the shower makes you feel. Accessories are pretty essential to make your bath comfortable. In fact, they’re just as critical as the components such as the shower, bath, toilet and basin. Many of these items are entirely modifiable. You can blend them into your current bath set & there’re many different colors and options available.

As much as any other room in your home, remodelling your bathroom is not an easy endeavour. In fact, it’d take you a lot of time & effort as well. Mixing & matching designs, decors and accessories when remodelling your bathroom can work as long as you have that creative talent in you. If not, you need to plan everything- from the walls, tiles, wall decors, accessories, etc. Theme is also very important. Always consider the fact that, every accessory inside you bathroom should complement each other.

There’re many accessories associated to bathroom are available like bath shower screens, corner showers, glass shower, wall mount soap holder, soap ledge and the list goes on. All these accessories are available according to the size & space available with you.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Marble has been supplying homeowners with fine composite products to build their dream bathrooms across Canada. From bathroom vanity tops & fixtures, to shower bases and wall panels, we’ve the right products to fulfil your needs. If you are looking to revamp your bathroom with elegant looking shower accessories we can help for sure. If you have some spare time, feel free to check out our Shower Accessories in Toronto right now!

What Are the Top Bathroom Trends in Toronto For 2021?

What a terrible year 2020 was? Luckily it has passed and 2021 is right there! What better way to begin the New Year than refreshing your bathroom? Keeping your bathroom modern and vibrant is no simple task, but fortunately, whether you’ve a small or large bathroom, listed below are a few easy bathroom trends Toronto that’ll help keep your bathroom looking splendid for the year.

Freestanding bathtubs & sinks:

A bathroom classic that does not get outdated and it is rather easy to see why as they complement any bathroom décor easily whether you wish a more modern look of stone resin or something more classic like copper or clawfoot. Although they may look costly, both freestanding bathtubs & sinks will boost the worth of your house and sustain their value through the test of time.

Bathroom accent walls:

An accent wall gives a centralized location for your bathroom-a focal point for your bathtub or vanity, whichever you want to accentuate. As the name says, it’s a wall in your bathroom that’s made from a different material to contrast against the rest of your bathroom. Renowned choices are natural stone, marble, brick and even wood in several cases. You can paint your wall black & it’ll function just the same or perhaps even a wall mural. And to get a more contemporary look, you can even make use of mirrors as your accent wall.

Bold colors:

Adding vibrancy does not essentially need incorporating a new sink, sometimes it’s just as simple as repainting your existing bathroom. Another pretty acknowledged trend is replacing your old dull colours for something more noticeable and striking. Lime green is a widespread option, proffering your house a summer feel, whereas matte black is becoming quite popular, offering a strong accent to your white toiletries and accessories. Blue matches well with more saturated spaces, whereas orange adds more depth and warmth. You can experiment to find out what appeals to you the most.

Matte fixtures:

An increasingly popular bathroom trend, matte black is a bold & influential color, easily striking & visibly perceptible. The demand of matte finished sinks, counter tops, bathtubs, cabinets and even ceilings are on the rise and it does not look to going of trend anytime soon. With matte finishes, dirt & dust aren’t discernible and the material isn’t easily porous.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Marble has been supplying fine composite products for building dream bathroom across Canada. From bathroom vanity tops & fixtures, to shower bases & wall panels, we’ve the right product to fulfil your needs.

Buy Shower Wall Panels in Toronto in Different Colors, Sizes and Finishes

Creating a bathroom that’s elegant yet practical can often prove difficult, especially where wall coverings are concerned. Many homeowners opt for tiles as they are not very much aware about the other available options. No doubt tiles are available in different styles but they do demand a specific amount of continuous upkeep to keep the grout clean and over time the appearance of the grout will weaken. And this is why waterproof shower wall panels in Toronto are becoming widely popular as a substitute to bathroom tiles. Besides being appealing & easy to maintain, they also provide several other advantages to the installer & end users alike.

Wall panels are made in diverse sizes and formats to fit domestic steam rooms, shower enclosures and full bathrooms. They can often be made available as comprehensive kits that include all needed profiles, sealants and accessories.

Wall panels are easier and quicker to set up than wall tiles. It can take many days for the grout and adhesive to dry with tiles, whereas wall panel installation is much simpler & can be performed by most skilled DIYers. As panels are dry the possibility of mess is reduced, no grouting means that as soon as installation is finished, a bathroom can be used instantly. Also this prevents the build-up of bathroom wall mould that’s usually discovered in between walls. There is no need to buy specialist tools as typical woodworking tools can be employed to install the wall panels. To make sure that wall tiles are installed straight a laser level is generally required, with wall panels a regular spirit level is adequate.

Where to buy shower wall panels in Toronto?

Easy on the eyes shower wall panels from Mr Marble is the perfect blend of form and function. Whether you’re seeking a total revamp or want to put a modern twist on your bathroom we provide bespoke, beautiful alternatives to tiles. We offer a wide array of waterproof shower wall panels in Toronto, all available in different colors, sizes and finishes to perfectly match your interior tastes.

Our range of shower boards are hundred percent waterproof & can be directly applied to nearly any surfaces including concrete, tiles, plaster, chipboard, or as part of a new installation. Our bathroom wall panels can transform your shower enclosure or bathroom immediately, giving it a modern finish. Aside from being pretty easy and quick to set up, our shower wall panels need very low maintenance making them a suitable option for busy homeowners like you.

Top Accessories You Need To Make Your Bathroom Organized

Furnishing the bathroom of your newly built home or furnishing your old bathroom is as critical as furnishing any other room in your house. It is the space in your home where you unwind yourself & get rid of the day’s tiredness – hence it should be well organized. Though you can customise your bathroom and design it as per your likings, certain bathroom accessories are never to be missed out.

Here are some of the top accessories you need to make your bathroom organized and functional.

Shower curtain:

Except you’ve glass doors that cover your stall or close in front of your tub, a shower curtain is a must. These bathroom accessories are available in just about any pattern, color, and texture you can imagine of.

If you have a small bathroom with limited space, a shower curtain is the best way to show off your personal style. Just ensure it is the right width for your tub.

Hand soap dispenser:

Good hygiene habits are essential for a healthy life, so have a soap dispenser on your sink so that you can wash your hands after using the toilet. That way, you will never have to grab the bathroom door handle with filthy hands!

Soap Ledge:

Keep your favorite soap intact with a marble soap ledge in Toronto from Mr Marble. They are affordable, and you can avail them in a style to match your bathroom.

Liquid soap dispensers & brush holders:

These are some of the basic bathroom accessories that are simply unavoidable. These are available in a variety of materials from ceramics to stone or wood and design can be either wall mounted or placed on countertops.

Soap Ledge Toronto

Bathroom organizers:

Classy, compact bathroom organisers can prove to be a real companion when you’ve so many cosmetic items on your wash counter and you are not so interested in showing how messy you are. Hang it on the wall and you’re all set to show how habituated you’re to neatness.

To buy bathroom accessories made of sophisticated material, look no further than Mr Marble. With unrivalled selection, dedicated craftsmanship and warranty, Mr. Marble the perfect accessories to organize your bathroom. Mr. Marble’s bathroom accessories are meticulously designed for added comfort & convenience.