Disposable Pods – The Reasons Behind its Sudden Popularity Gain

Since vaping has become one of the best ways to quit smoking, many people are making it a choice. Because of that you can find a wide range of trends in the vaping industry today. However, none of the trends have been more dominant and explosive like the growth of disposable vape pods. After the disposable vape pods gained popularity, almost every major manufacturer released their own range of disposables. And the Juice Head 5K has proven to be one of the best disposable pod manufacturers of today. The brand has come up with a wide range of flavorful collection such as Raspberry Lemonade Disposable Pod that muddles sweet ripe raspberries with citrus lemons in a perfect concoction.


But the question is why all of a sudden disposable vape pods gained such popularity? Let us take a look at the various key points that have made disposable pods popular:

Ease of Use

Disposable pods are the easiest to use vape products available in the market. Simply take it out of the packaging, inhale it and vaping is done. No complicated steps to follow!

Ideal for Beginners

As these vape products are easy to use, beginner vapers can use it without any worries. Neither there is worry about safety of the battery or coil resistance nor there are any complicated buttons to operate these devices. Disposable pods are the closest vape products to a traditional cigarette in terms of the usage.

Affordably priced products

You can find disposable pods like the ones from Juice Head 5K at an incredibly affordable price. So if you want to quit smoking without spending much of your money on high-priced alternatives, then go for disposable pods without a doubt.

Easily Available

Apart from being affordable these devices are also available easily in the market. You can also find these at online vape stores conveniently. You can place an order in bulk online and get them delivered at your door in a hassle-free way like from E Juice Store.

No Messy Affair

Using disposable pods is absolutely devoid of any mess. Neither you need to recharge the battery, nor replace any coil and not even refill it! Simply open it, use it and throw it once it gets over. You can try different flavors this way!

Variety of Flavors

Most of the disposable pods are available in a wide variety of flavor options like the ones from Juice Head 5K. Some of the top flavors by the manufacturer include Raspberry Lemonade Disposable Pod, Fresh Mint Disposable Pod, Lychee Mango Disposable Pod, Peach Pear Disposable Pod and Pineapple Grapefruit Disposable Pod. So, you can enjoy the flavor you like the most!

Besides all these disposable pods come with mesh coils that help in delivering more flavors as these get heated up faster. Also, disposable pods have better longevity and higher puff counts!


EJuice Store carries a wide collection of disposable pods by top manufacturers including Juice Head 5K. To know more browse their website today.

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