How To Use Truffle Oil Like A Chef

It is rare to find the best quality Italian truffle in the market. However, you can still add the flavor of truffle to your dishes. Many American producers manufacture truffle oil using fresh ingredients from best quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and truffle at their FDA-inspected facilities. It is possible to purchase gallons of truffle oil from them and use that like a chef to enhance the flavor of your dishes and enjoy the health benefits of truffles.


However, you will need more than just buying the truffle oil to solve the purpose. You need to know how to use the truffle oil that you have purchased. Let us know a few ways to cook using truffle oil.

Use with popcorn 

Just popcorn does not taste best. You can add salt and butter to make it tasty. However, you will notice that your guests or family members prefer to eat less popcorn after some time. Along with salt and butter, you will see the magic if you add a drizzle of truffle oil.


Use it along with pasta 

Using truffle oil with pasta is a popular way to use this oil. Use fresh mushrooms, truffle oil, and pasta to make the dish liked by all. You also can use lots of freshly grated parmesan cheese. You will notice that your family will love to eat the pasta you cook using truffle oil.


Mac n’ cheese 

Yes, we know mac n’ cheese is pasta. However, truffle mac is too good to avoid. If you add truffle oil with mac n’ cheese and you can notice the difference. Your family members will love to eat this pasta.

Use with mashed potatoes

Instead of using olive oil or mustard oil with mashed potatoes, you can find how delicious the mashed potatoes will be when you use truffle oil. Then, add parmesan cheese to mashed potatoes and notice how delicious the dish will be.

Use truffle oil as a finishing oil for pizzas 

You can add anything to the pizza. We have noticed that truffle oil goes best with almost all pizzas. However, use light cream sauce and truffle oil if you make wild mushroom pizza with mozzarella cheese. You will be amazed to notice that those who hate to eat pizzas will love to eat this pizza. You need to drizzle a little truffle oil over the pizza as you take it out of the oven.


Use with eggs 

If you use truffle oil with scrambled egg, drizzle over any egg and notice that you can avoid the quarrel at the breakfast table.

Truffle hummus 

Using truffle oil, you can add a delicious flair to your hummus. When you make homemade hummus, you can add truffle oil to the blender at the end.


So, now you know how to use the gallon of truffle oil you purchased from Giorgio Truffle Oil. They use fresh ingredients to make their truffle oil.

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