Important Tips Every Fast-Time Investor Should Consider

Learning how to invest in Canada is the same like learning anything – you may not do things right the first time. Here are a few important things you should consider while investing first time in Canadian stock market:


Shop around for an advisor.

Are you a first time investor? You should choose an advisor; consider your needs, the type of clients you want to work with and how involved you want to be in your investment decisions. Hiring an advisor is paramount for doing successful investments in Canadian Stock Market.

Know how an investment works.

Before you make any decision, it’s suggested to do thorough research on investments. This is necessary as it ensures that:

  • You know the risks associated with investment including potential loss or returns.
  • You know how it fits in your present portfolio.
  • You know the costs you have to pay and the penalties for early withdrawal.

Investing in what’s right for you.

You will find some popular investments on media, celebrity endorsements or different advertising media. Your friends may recommend different investments that they’ve chosen earlier. While it seems tempting and comforting to go along with the decisions that a larger group recommends, you should be careful about taking such decisions. Make a decision on investments that work right for you.

Make a proper plan in place.

Getting a proper plan in place will help you achieve financial goals. Set a specific time to review your investment plan and make sure if your financial goals have changed, your plan can change also. You should have a specific and realistic plan; but include details on risk tolerance, investment strategy, asset allocation, etc.

Focus on costs.

Knowing the costs you pay while investing is paramount as they decrease your return on investment. Feel free to ask a few questions before making investments and consider your options available.

You should never be overconfident.

Most investors feel overconfident to beat the marketing by trading frequently which leaves them with lower returns. When investments generally perform well, most investors may decide that it’s their trading decisions that are getting them higher returns.

When the investment performs poorly, they often blame the market and hold onto their belief that they’re good traders. Being overconfident can affect your ability to achieve your financial goals.

You should go through account statements.

You should receive quarterly or monthly account statements showing the transactions in your account and giving an update on your investments. You may receive statements over mail or you may check them online. Upon receiving account statements, you should check:

  • The investments bought and sold are right.
  • The costs and commissions charged are right.
  • The investments you’ve gained or lost so far.

Get in touch with financial representative if you find anything unclear and incorrect in your account statements.

Focus on diversification.

Going for diversification can help minimize the overall risk in your portfolio. Here are a few reasons you should diversify while doing investments in stock market:

  • Not all types of investments do well simultaneously.
  • Different types of investments are affected differently by the events happening around the world and change in economy like interest rates, exchange rates and inflation costs.
  • Diversification enables to prepare a portfolio, whose risk is smaller than the combined risks of personal securities.

If you don’t have a diversified portfolio, it will be unnecessarily risky. As a result, you won’t even earn a higher average return.

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Bottom line –

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