The facts about company formation in Ras Al Khaimah free zone especially for women

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Freezone (RAKEZ) is a financial-friendly agreeable goal about organization development in the UAE. The RAKEZ Freezone as of now has in excess of 14000 organizations from 100+ nations.

Free zone company formation in Ras Al Khaimah is spread out across 5 economic free trade zones for different industrial exercises. The RAK Monetary Freezone is the perfect area for organizations that search for a specialized Freezone for their businesses to set up.

RAKEZ is an industrial center and powerhouse that offers customizable answers for the speculators. The Freezone houses enormous mechanical plants, SMEs, new companies and furthermore freelancers. There are different organization registration packages accessible in RAKEZ for the investors to investigate.

Business Advantages of the RAK Freezone Organization 

  • 100% foreign proprietorship has allowance in the RAK Freezone Organization
  • 100 % Exclusion from UAE Corporate Tax for RAK Freezone Organization
  • 100% repatriation of capital and benefits for the RAK Freezone Organization
  • Low-cost business arrangement
  • Quick and simple organization enrollment
  • Faster account opening
  • Top-class infrastructural facilities – Office space, manufacturing plants, warehouses
  • Proximity and access to the Middle East and Asia locale
  • Entitlement of a 3-year visa for the financial investors

Documents required for RAK Free Zone Organization Enlistment 

  • Proof of Trade name endorsement
  • Proof of introductory approval for the business action
  • Passport duplicates of the investors
  • Passport duplicate and Profile of local contact individual
  • Profile of all financial investors and concerned partners
  • Lease Agreement – Physical space for your business office
  • Supporting documents and clearances as required by the Government Administration

RAKEZ Zones 

There are six specific RAKEZ zones to begin a business.

  • RAKEZ Business Zone: For trading, service and consultancy organizations
  • AL HAMRA Industrial Zone: For manufacturing, industrial projects, trading, assembly & logistics
  • AL GHAIL Industrial Zone: For manufacturing, industrial projects, trading, assembly & logistics
  • AL HULAILA Mechanical Zone: manufacturing, industrial projects, trading, assembly & logistic
  • RAKEZ Academic Zone: For schools, universities, institutes, academic consultancy and services
  • RAKEZ Media Zone: For Radio, television, Magazines, Broadcast, Film Creation, Events management, and so forth.

Admissible Lawful Entities in RAKEZ 

Contingent on the nature of your business, there are a few types of lawful entities offered in RAKEZ.

  • Free Zone Entity

Free Zone Establishment (FZE): Entity with single investor or proprietor

Free Zone Company (FZC): Entity with 2-50 investors

  • Non-free Zone Entity

Individual Establishment: Entity with single investor or proprietor

Limited Liability Company (LLC): Entity with at least 2 investors

  • Branches

Branch of a UAE Company: For a branch of an organization enlisted in UAE incorporating organizations joined in other UAE free zones

Branch of a Foreign Company: For a branch of an organization enlisted outside UAE

Permit Types Offered in RAKEZ 

  • Commercial – For organizations managing in exchange for merchandise and services
  • Educational – To open any sort of instruction related association or consultancy organization
  • E-Commerce – For business managing in exchanging of products and ventures through an online stage
  • General Trading – For exchanging in various merchandises
  • Individual/Professional – For a business person who will be sole proprietor having sole ownership in one specific activity
  • Industrial – For organizations engaged with assembling, importing, packaging or trading items
  • Media – For organizations engaged with media-related exercises
  • Professional – For people who will offer proficient types of assistance
  • Services – For organizations identified with the arrangement of administrations or consultancies over any industry

Facilities of Business Set up in RAKEZ 

Flexi Facilities 

Flexi facilities are the low-risk perfect answer for new businesses in RAKEZ. They are shared and outfitted workstations situated in five-star business focuses on RAKEZ Business Zone.

Standard Offices 

These are perfect for little to medium-sized businesses. RAKEZ has instant office spaces accessible at affordable rates, which permit a businessperson to increase return on investment.

Executive Offices 

Executive offices take into account bigger office necessities. They are completely adjusted, greater than standard workplaces and give more space to business development.

Shell and Core Offices 

On the off chance that you need to plan and mastermind your workplace, you can rent shell and core offices situated in RAKEZ Business Park. These are the undeveloped and enormous offices that can be completely modified by your business needs.


These are customizable and roomy – accessible in an assortment of sizes for organizations managing in light assembling, storing merchandise and general assembly. They can have hired on a yearly or restricted time premise and developed in closeness to seaports and airports.

Land for Development 

Land for development gives boundless space of land to industrial, logistical and administration industry extends that likewise empower simple access to neighboring emirates and GCC nations.

RAK Launches Business Packages for Women Entrepreneurs 

Ras Al Khaimah is the northernmost Emirate of the UAE. It involves a territory of 2,486 square kilometers. RAK, as it is normally alluded to, is transforming into one of the noticeable venture hubs in the UAE. It gives customized answers to entrepreneurs and business visionaries.

On Emirati Women’s Day, Ras Al Khaimah declared the launch of business packages solely intended for women business visionaries. Likewise, the means boost the interest of women in business.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are tingling to begin your own effective business in Dubai, at that point this is the ideal opportunity to kick off your fantasy.

RAKEZ in a nutshell 

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone — or RAKEZ—as expressed prior is in the northernmost emirate of the UAE. It means to support a wide scope of organizations including import-export, light assembling, counseling and general exchanging.

As of late, to advance venture openings, six new business classes were included in its effectively great portfolio.


  • State of the art infrastructure
  • A plenty of real-estate facilities — from office spaces to business structures to distribution centers and completely adjusted workplaces are accessible.
  • One of the lower-cost free zones inside the UAE

Business Women Package—the New Activity: 

On 28 August 2019, RAKEZ propelled another activity called the Business Women Package. This package has a unique formulation exclusively for women business visionaries. It urges and enables them to begin their business in the UAE.

The package can be chosen for one year or three years, contingent upon the entrepreneurs’ inclination.

Different highlights that the business package gives the women business visionaries are:

  • Free printing of business cards
  • Free of charge utilization of RAKEZ shared workstations
  • Priority tokens will be accessible at the RAKEZ centers
  • Eligibility for UAE residence visa

Other than, the advantages referenced over the business package likewise gives the women business visionaries the alternative to browse eight free zones and licenses as an added bonus.

The extra involves:

  • Commercial Entrepreneurs
  • Education
  • E-Business
  • General Exchanging
  • Individual-Proficient
  • Media
  • Service
  • Freelancing Permit

These include further fascination for the female business visionaries to change over their business thoughts into a productive undertaking.

Setting up a business in the UAE is not as loaded up with a puzzle, as it would appear from the start. Since the launch of the primary free zone in 1985, they have ended up being an integral asset for business people to begin all nature of organizations.

Thus, on the off chance that you are thinking about RAK free zone as a vehicle for propelling your business, at that point, it merits becoming more acquainted with the numerous advantages it brings to the table.

Advantages of Beginning a Business in RAK Free Zone: 

Here we take a gander at the benefits of beginning a business in RAK gives:

  • Hundred percent foreign possession
  • Hundred percent repatriation of capital contributed and benefits earned
  • Minimal or no tax assessment on personal income generated.
  • No exchange boundaries
  • No Custom duties
  • Business-accommodating condition
  • Easy availability to different Emirates and neighboring nations
  • International business presentation

Furthermore, the rundown goes on.

These advantages and numerous others lure experts into putting your capital in the UAE and benefit from it.

The setup procedure is the subsequent stage, and it is genuinely simple.

Ways to setup? 

Here, we are sketching out the fundamental advances you have to follow to begin a business in RAK.

  • Select the business entity generally fit your business activities, number of speculators and capital.
  • Apply for organization enlistment.
  • Choose an organization name.
  • Submit the affirmed name to the Free Zone Authority in RAK.
  • Apply for the necessary permits to operate and submit it to the assigned authorities.
  • Compose the MOA and AOA of your business.
  • Obtain the required authorizations and endorsements.
  • Pay every one of your dues.
  • Get your exchanging licenses.

Furthermore, presently you are prepared to begin the business.

Beginning a business in Ras Al Khaimah is a productive undertaking for all. As it, gives smooth business incorporation, in this manner speeding up the receiving of profits.

Moreover, the UAE sees a significant increment in business arrangements because of the forthcoming World Expo 2020. Propelling a business on the double will assist you with remaining on top of things and help you in creating approaches to snatch your objective market without any difficulty.

In any case, remember that a solid business establishment will prompt smooth business involvement with later years. You need to employ business set up advisors to help you in building up a solid dependable balance in the UAE.

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