Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape (16000 Puffs) by ECHO BOLT

Top Features of Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape (16000 Puffs) by ECHO BOLT

Indulge in a luxurious getaway to a tropical oasis with the Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape (16000 Puffs) by ECHO BOLT. This innovative device offers a delightful combination of juicy pineapple and velvety coconut punch, making it a top choice for vape enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the top features of this remarkable vape.


Exquisite Flavor Profile

The primary flavors of the Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape are Pina Colada and Fruit Punch. This combination creates a rich and indulgent taste experience that transports you to a tropical paradise. The juicy pineapple notes are perfectly balanced with the creamy coconut undertones, delivering a smooth and satisfying vape with every puff. Whether you’re lounging by the beach or simply craving a tropical escape, this flavor profile is sure to please.

Rechargeable via USB Type-C

One of the standout features of this vape is its rechargeable design. Equipped with a USB Type-C port, recharging your device is both quick and convenient. This modern feature ensures that you can keep your vape powered up without the hassle of disposable batteries, making it an eco-friendly option. The USB Type-C technology also provides a faster charging experience, so you can get back to enjoying your vape in no time.

Impressive 24ml Capacity

The Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape (16000 Puffs) by ECHO BOLT boasts a generous 24ml e-liquid capacity. This large capacity means fewer refills and more continuous vaping enjoyment. For heavy users or those who prefer long sessions without interruption, this feature is a major advantage. The substantial e-liquid capacity ensures that the device can support up to 16000 puffs, making it a reliable choice for extended use.

LED Display Screen

Another high-tech feature of this disposable vape is its LED display screen. This screen provides essential information at a glance, including battery life, puff count, and power mode settings. The clear and easy-to-read display ensures that you are always aware of your device’s status, allowing you to manage your vaping experience more effectively. The inclusion of an LED screen sets this vape apart from many other disposables on the market, adding a layer of sophistication and user-friendly functionality.

Available in 5% Nicotine Strength

For those seeking a satisfying nicotine hit, the Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape is available in a 5% nicotine strength. This level of nicotine is ideal for former smokers or those looking for a strong and consistent nicotine delivery. The 5% strength ensures that each puff delivers a satisfying experience, making it easier to transition away from traditional cigarettes.

Power Mode Settings – Boost Mode and Regular Mode

The Pina Colada Punch Disposable Vape (16000 Puffs) by ECHO BOLT features two distinct power modes: Boost Mode and Regular Mode. Boost Mode allows for up to 10000 puffs, providing a more intense and flavorful experience. Regular Mode extends the puff count to 16000, offering a smoother and longer-lasting vape. This flexibility allows users to customize their vaping experience based on their preferences, whether they seek a more robust flavor or a longer-lasting session.

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