4 Key Upgrades to Consider for Bathroom Remodeling

Does your home require a bathroom remodel in the San Francisco Bay Area? If yes, you should give your bath design a boost with a little planning and inspirational bathroom remodel ideas. Nevertheless of your bath renovation preferences and priorities, a fully-renovation bath adds a great value to your home, updates its style and makes it well-adapted to your specific needs.


Remodeling is the right time to add improvements that will serve you and your family for more years to come. If you’re thinking of investing in bathroom remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area, take a look at following important upgrades to improve overall functionality, convenience and comfort of your bath space.

  1. Small & Texture Tile Shower Door

When it comes to your bathroom remodel in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll come across so many flooring, wall and tile options. The most essential aspect for ensuring safety will be the floor tiling of your shower.

You should opt for a small and textured shower tile. The texture and the additional grouting will prevent your feet from slipping once the floor gets wet and soapy. However, the modern bath tiles are easy to clean up and use grouts that resist stains, humidity and mold.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles give you enormous possibilities on style and décor. You can mix and match different patterns and colors for creating an optimal visual impact. Otherwise you can do something more understated to get a harmonious look.

  1. Window in the Shower

Generally, humidity gets trapped in the bath space because of bad or insufficient ventilation. Though you can go for a bath fan to make a big difference, the right alternative is the natural ventilation. Therefore, adding a window in your shower makes sense. It will keep your bathroom clean and mildew-free and mold-free for sure.

However, the natural ventilation is highly effective, if you leave the bathroom door open after using it. Besides, a window allows natural light benefiting a shower that makes them an aesthetic and safety option.

Feel free to discuss your window options with your contractor or architect. But remember to slop the sill in downward direction so that water doesn’t get stuck. So, consider using frosted glass ensuring enormous privacy.


  1. Bath Tub

More often people add a bathtub to their bathrooms as they feel like they should. But keep in mind that, a bathtub is not always a necessity, especially if you never intend to take baths. If you really like to take baths in the space, you should include a bathtub in your remodel to-do list.

However, a bathtub is more appealing to future prospective buyers who may have kids. But if your home has another bathroom for the family having tub or tub & shower combination, you can omit the bathtubs in your to-do list. It’s always good to go with the most functional one.

  1. Lighting Fixtures

Often, bathrooms have little access to natural light;but should need excellent lighting fixtures. When you plan your bathroom remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area, change or add to your existing light to improve the functionality and mood of your space.

First and foremost thing, you should use a dimmer for the main lights. If you like to take baths, a leisurely bath in complete artificial light isn’t that much fun. A dimmer will allow you to set the right mood.


Adding recessed fixtures around the mirror in your bathroom gives you the adequate lighting as possible when doing your hair, applying makeup or shaving or any other task that needs lots of light. Add lighting in the shower and you’ll find the shower more pleasant when they’re lighted effortlessly.

Improve Your Bathroom Look & Functionality

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