Six Reasons Why It Is Beneficial To Have Airport Car Service In Greenwich CT

Airport Car Service

Regardless of whether you’re venturing out to Bradley International Hartford Airport, Hartford Brainard Airport, or John F. Kennedy International Airport, for vacation or coming to town for a work trip, you will need to find out some way to get from a place toward another. Except if you are going into town to visit family, you will probably have to pick between hiring a rental vehicle or riding in public. Regardless of your reason for visiting, here are a portion of the justifications for why choosing a professional airport car service in Greenwich, CT, is a definitive decision to traveling in public transport.

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Accomplish Your Headshot & Profile Photos With Professional Corporate Photographer Assistance

corporate photographer

A business profile photography or corporate headshot photography is a photo that shows a person’s face in a semi-close up. Professionals or business people usually request it. On some occasions, presidents, CEOs, or executives auditioning for projects also ask for corporate headshots. The corporate headshot version is simple and more formal than a regular headshot. These photographs tell clients and investors a lot about the company’s culture and the people who work there. Great corporate photography demonstrates the high quality of the services or products offered. When executed correctly, they help promote the standards they adhere to in their day-to-day business operations.

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How the Professional Photographer Captures Effective Corporate & Profile Headshots

professional photographer in Mumbai

The demand for corporate and business headshots has always been relatively high! It seems like one of the most effective sources to make a good first impression right at the first time. At present, the profile photo is often used as an enticing resource on a social media website or business profile. Here comes the role of professional corporate profile photography service. Business or corporate people or professionals need the assistance of an experienced & professional photographer in Mumbai! Of course, it is for their corporate headshot or profile photos!

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Pachamama Disposable Pods – Fruity and Icy Delights to Go Crazy Over

Strawberry Ice Disposable Pod

When it comes to the vaping industry, disposable pod devices are the latest introduction to the lot. The best part is you can get disposable pods at any online vape store today. And when talking about disposable pods, Pachamama is considered as one of the leaders. With its revolutionary all-in-one disposable pod device, Pachamama makes vaping an easy affair for vapers especially, the new vapers who are looking to quit smoking and switch to a better alternative like vaping. Pachamama disposable pods have proven to be an exceptional solution for every smoker seeking to begin living a smoke-free life. If you want to make your vaping experience simple and carefree, then you must opt for Pachamama disposable vape pods.

Pachamama comes with a wide range of delicious fruit flavors especially the ones with icy hints. Want to explore the different flavors from the house of Pachamama? Have a look:

Pineapple Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pineapple Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama is a vape pod device that features fresh and frosted pineapples imported from the breezy tropics. If you love the tartness and sweetness combination of pineapple in general, then this vape pod flavor will make you fall in love with the vape pod.

Mango Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Mango Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama comes with a satisfying juicy mango flavor bursting from the tropics making you crave for more of it every time you take a puff!

Grape Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Grape Ice vape disposable pod features delightful sweet grapes that are flawlessly frosted and crisp for that ultimate grapy affair.

Pink Lemonade Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Pink Lemonade vape disposable pod comprises of freshly squeezed lemons and mouth-watering berries, that are blended to perfection on a cool summer evening.

Guava Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Guava Ice vape disposable pod is created with perfectly chilled, luscious, and juicy guava harvested from the tropical evergreens.

Lychee Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Lychee Ice vape disposable pod contains the flavor of exotic, luscious lychees, harvested at the pinnacle of sweetness with an icy, arctic touch.

Peach Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Peach Ice vape disposable pod features crispy and succulent peaches that are chilled to perfection.

Strawberry Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Strawberry Ice vape disposable pod features the rich, sweet, and juicy strawberries, holding a wintry touch. If you are a strawberry fanatic then this vape pod flavor will make your taste buds go crazy over it. Let the icy strawberry flavor make your taste buds feel strawberry-licious!


Banana Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Pachamama Banana Ice vape disposable pod features sweet and ripe banana that are frosted to perfection to offer that fresh icy feel to your taste buds.

So which flavor would you choose for your vaping experience? Not sure? Explore more with a reputable online vape store.


E Juice Store is a premier online vape store that offers a wide selection of disposable pod flavors that include the ones by Pachamama. Whether you want Strawberry Ice Disposable Pod (1200 puffs) by Pachamama or any other flavor you like, visit the website today.

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Tented lodges and tented camps have a number of benefits

tented camp

Do you like a room with four dividers and standard plumbing or a canvas tent on the fields? Your safari accommodation sways everything from the wildlife you see to the food you eat to individuals you encircle yourself with.

There are advantages with each arrangement – some more direct than others. But, more than that, you will hear some misinformation concerning safari accommodations.

We will first discuss a few advantages of staying at tented safari lodges

Tented Lodges

Like permanent hotels and cabins, tented lodges offer large numbers of natural solaces. However, they will be more modest and incorporate probably the most luxurious provisions more often than not.

tented camp

Customary Lodgings

You might have canvas dividers, yet you will likewise regularly have enduring plumbing, extensive parlor regions power, and Wi-Fi.


Just a touch of canvas wall isolates you from the greenery and wildlife outside, which can cause the experience to feel extraordinary and bona fide.

Less Diverse Customer Service

While they serve fewer individuals, tented lodges work on a range. A few fill in as few as 25 rooms; others serve 40. Moreover, your administration and experience will differ.

Once more, the luxury tented camp will incorporate staff allocated to you, and some incorporate exceptional extravagances like private dive pools. Bigger camps regularly balance the necessities of numerous travelers immediately.

tented camp


Staying at a tented lodge is more costly than the hotel, yet clear choices run the range.

We now discuss the advantages of staying at a luxury tent. 


Regardless of when you decide to travel or where the Great Migration is, a camp can get you near the activity. The vast majority, in our experience, go on safari to see the wildlife; luxury camps carry you to it.


Likewise, because these camps serve fewer individuals and turn so as not to upset the environment, the vegetation and natural life are close by and plentiful. You will hear lions and hyenas somewhere near when you go to rest. Your day will start with tracking down animal tracks in the camp. It’s a genuine safari experience.

Individual Service

Since they regularly oblige fewer explorers, luxury camps offer more customized administration. This shifts by how luxurious the camp is, so it is vital to explore the number of rooms an administrator serves and their rating.

tented camp

Private Places and Dining

Eating at luxury camps might fluctuate. However, you can have private space, and dining is a pleasure in such camps. 

Natural Luxury

These camps form a harmony with nature – pared down in sure regards, luxurious in others. You will rest serenely in warm, comfortable beds and enjoy unwinding and stylish parlor regions. 


The cost is less compared to other ways of having accommodation. Costs range from moderate to costly. 

It is wise to contact Drunken Elephant Mara to stay at such camps and lodges. You can expect to have a total return on the money you spend. Reach them at +254 738 450 106 or +254 711 192 476 or +254 738 450 106 to select the best camp or lodge to stay. 

Should You Know About The Disposable Pods

Lush Ice Disposable Pod by LOY

Disposable Pods are pre-filled with e-liquid and pre-charged. The disposable pods pre-infused with e-liquid are ready to use and offer a hassle-free vaping experience. The disposable pods are efficient, innovative, and easy to use. You do not require a button or lighter! The disposable pods are designed to ensure a hassle-free vaping experience.

Disposable pods are rapidly gaining popularity in the current market for their user-friendly and simple design. New and experienced vapers consider and love to use disposable pods. Disposable pods are the best solution for individuals seeking to start living a smoke-free life.

What makes the disposable pods superior?

Ultra-compact Design:

Do you know a pack of traditional cigarettes could hold around 200 puffs? While disposable Pod by LOY averages 400 puff! The best thing about disposable pods is the ultra-modern and compact design. These are convenient for everyday usage and travel. The innovative design makes the disposable pods easy to carry around. It helps you enjoy vaping on the go!


Disposable pods are pre-charged in the factory and do not require you to charge. Whether it is your short vacation or business trip, you can carry your favorite disposable pod and enjoy it without worrying about charging the device.


The word maintenance can ruin your vaping experience! With disposable pods, you enjoy no-maintenance vaping.

Top Disposable Pods Available on the Market

Disposable Pod by LOY

Disposable Pod by LOY has turned into one of the best products that vapers love because of the exciting flavors. You will love to enjoy some like:

Lush Ice Disposable Pod by LOY

  • Lush Ice Disposable Pod by LOY– Experience the delicious blast of sweet melons with refreshing icy menthol.
  • Mango Strawberry Disposable Pod by LOY- Satisfy your carvings with two delicious fruits- mango and strawberry. It offers vapers a blend of tangy and sweet fruity punch.

Disposable Pod by X BAR

The X BAR Disposable Pods are pre-filled e-liquid to allow users to enjoy a flavorful vape conveniently without any maintenance or hassle. Each X BAR disposable pod averages 600 puffs.

  • Mango Ice Disposable Pod by X BAR- Enjoy splashes of ripe mango with mixed tropical undertones with a minty cool finish that relishes your taste buds.
  • Peach Disposable Pod by X BAR- Experience a juicy peach flavor with a deliciously sweet candy ring finish vaping.

Disposable Pod by Cali Bars

Cali Bars Disposable Pods are flavorful, smooth, and offer exceptional satisfying throat hits. Each Cali Bars Disposable Pod averages 350 puffs.

  • Rainbow Ice Disposable Pod by Cali Bars- Enjoy a rainbow sorbet flavored with sweet fruit candies and a bit of icy-cool menthol.
  • Strawberry Ice Disposable Pod by Cali Bars- Experience the natural fresh strawberry flavor with a refreshing minty finish.

EJuice Store carries a wide range of disposable pod devices like LOY, Cali Bars, X BAR, and more. Visit our website today to learn more and place your order for your desired disposable pods!

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White Truffle Oil- A Useful Ingredient In Your Favorite Recipe

White truffles, depending on the variety, grow around the base of oak and hazelnut trees, and appear only seasonally. Harvesting still hinges on a time-honored technique of combing the woods and sniffing them out by using specially trained canines – a somewhat labor-intensive, hit-or-miss method which means that, even when white truffles are in season, the supply can be unsteady, and they don’t have a long shelf life.


That’s why, though white truffles are an incredible delicacy sought after in many kitchens and restaurants, they are also scarce and expensive, putting them out of reach for many. So, what can you do if you can’t get raw white truffles? Fortunately, there’s an easy and inexpensive alternative – white truffle oil. Available any time of year and much more affordable, white truffle oil lets you add the real flavor of raw white truffles to your favorite dishes.

And if you’re ready to try adding the authentic taste of white truffles to your food with white truffle oil, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best quality truffle oil that delivers the true, delicious flavor of white truffles – and the best way to make sure of that is to choose Giorgio Truffles. Their white truffle oil is make using slices of premium quality white truffles bursting with the natural flavor of the truffle and can elevate even the simplest of dishes.


Not suitable for cooking (heat diminishes the flavor), white truffle oil is best used as a dressing or a drizzle on your finished dishes to impart the truffle flavor that will amaze your guests. Creating sophisticated dishes is as easy as sprinkling on a few drops of white truffle oil!


Similar to mushrooms, truffles have a delicate flavor that doesn’t endure heat well. Thus, they are best eaten raw, and are usually shaved into thin slices and sprinkled over finished dishes to impart the full truffle flavor. But with an often-limited supply of this perishable product, fresh truffles usually are not an option for your kitchen.

Giorgio Truffles’ online store, however, offers white truffle oil year-round. This means you can have the flavor of white truffles in your kitchen any time you like. Try adding the earthy taste of truffles to pizza, pasta, burgers and more. Almost any dish can be elevated with the additional of authentic white truffle flavor.

Giorgio Truffle Shop

But while white truffle oil can put this delicious taste into the hands of any cook, not all truffle oils are the same. To get the true flavor of the best quality truffles, it’s important to find the right source – and that’s Giorgio Truffles.

The most recognized name in the gourmet food industry, they collect premium quality white truffles and oils from local farms and top producers in both Italy and California. That means you can always know you’re getting the very best from Giorgio Truffles – and with their easy online shopping and purchasing options, it’s never been easy to bring real truffle flavor to your kitchen. For more information email them at [email protected] or call at 800-284-9838.