5 Religious Places in Jordan You Must Not Forget While Taking Biblical Tours

Despite being an Arab country, Jordan is the second most popular Biblical land after Israel. Like Israel, Jordan is also home to many sites, rivers and monuments associated with both Old Testament and New Testament. While visiting the modern city, you have many places to see and many things to do. However, your trip will remain incomplete without exploring some of prominent religious places in Jordan. You can easily explore these popular places without any hassle by taking Biblical tours.

Biblical Tours
5 Places That Makes Jordan the Other Biblical Land
  1. Jordan River
Biblical Tours

While exploring Biblical sites in the region, you must not forget to visit the Jordan River which flows through the Rift Valley. In addition to indicating boundary, the Jordan River is both real and imaginary in the Hebrew Bible. Many pious Christians look for an opportunity to take a dip in the holy river where both John and Jesus conducted Baptism. They even love to spend time at various baptismal sites associated with the Biblical tradition.