5 Tips to Apply Ardell Wispy Lashes

When it comes to shopping for Ardell false eyelashes, Wispy lashes are in the limelight for quite some time now. They’re taking the beauty world by storm and several celebrities are sporting them in recent years also.

What are exactly Wispy Lashes?

Generally, Wispy eyelashes are carefully curated to provide a feathery yet elegant look to wearer. The eyelashes crisscross together and create a long frame for the eye with an extra fluttery effect. However, Wispies create eye opening look and bring in ultimate level of comfort that remains unrivalled.

5 Tips to Apply Ardell Wispy False Eyelashes

Wispy lashes are popular. Take a look at the step-by-step guide to apply your “Wispies” straightforwardly and effectively.

Step 1 Choose your right palette.

First of all, soften your eyes or define them with a complementary shadow and eyeliner. Though false eyelashes are delicate, you should apply them often in the last step.

Step 2 Trim the falsies gently.

Have you ever applied false lashes before? If yes, you know you need to trim them to size. It’s important to get this step right. This is often where people tend to make mistakes. Trim too little and you’ll have lots of excess lashes. If you cut too much, it won’t frame fully your eyes.

Important Tip – While trimming lashes, start from the outer side edge. When you continue trimming, measure them and know when they’re right.

Step 3 Apply the glue.

Once the trimming is done, you’ll get Ardell Wispies of right length for your eyelashes. After that, start applying your adhesive. Hold the semi-circular lash between your fingers and face upwards gently; if you want to use the glue perfectly. Then, you can take the glue and apply one line in a semi-circular way neatly.

Step 4 Centre your false eyelashes.

Now it’s time to get on the eyelashes. Use the applicator tweezers to place your eyelash on the centre of the eye lid and press down. Stick your lashes as closely as possible to your eye line and natural lashes for the outstanding effects. Once you press down, you can use your applicator to pull and shape the eyelash to place in the right position.

Step 5 Add the finishing touch.

Once you’re done with steps, you can start the secondary eyelash process. Start applying your Ardell lashes. Adjust them in any way best suiting your preferences. All you need to do is to admire your gorgeous looking, feathery eyes. You might find it quite simple to apply Ardell Wispies.

Final Consideration –

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