5 Tips To Find the Right Engagement Ring Designs in Canada

Have you finally reached at the point in your relationship where you’re ready to pop the question? Whether you’re planning this day for months or just a couple of days, you might be in a lot of stress.

After all, she is going to tell the story of how you’ve proposed for the rest of her life and down to the final details where everything happened and how you asked and every happy tear that was shed. Therefore, finding the right engagement ring designs in Canada is critical to make everything go smoothly on the big day. Here are a few useful tips to find the right engagement ring designs:

  1. Know her ring size.

When you shop in-store or online, there are some basics you should remember beforehand. First of all, you should know her ring size. It can be an important detail to nail down if you don’t want to come out right and ask her about it.

You can measure the ring size to get a good idea of your engagement ring size. Feel free to ask her sisters or friends who can keep it a secret.

  1. Know the right metal.

There are so many metal options you can choose from for your engagement ring. There are traditional yellow, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Each one has different benefits.

Out of all metals, platinum is durable and will hold up very well over time. However, platinum jewelry brings in the white shine that is second to none. It will make a great difference to your engagement ring.

If you want a more traditional option, you can’t go wrong with gold. White gold gives the lighter color and sparkle. White gold rings are typically plated with rhodium, which is hypoallergenic and will protect the precious metal.

You can go for yellow gold and rose-gold for an engagement ring design. You can consider gold for a classic option; but color differs based on her personal taste.

  1. Know her preferences.

Have you been planning to propose to her for a long time? If yes, then you might have discussed jewelry. When you plan to shop, you must have some basic ideas like whether she likes yellow or white gold or diamond. Try to think of any specific cut of diamond she may prefer. Some women love to have gemstones over diamonds. If you want to keep your proposal a secret, you have to snoop and listen closely to her for hints on engagement ring designs.

  1. Think ahead of time.

You have to think of wedding bands while buying an engagement ring. Know whether the engagement ring complements the wedding band very well. What she wears may have a great deal to do with what you’ll wear, especially if you want to match each other.

  1. Get the perfect ring from the right manufacturer.

Once you know all the important details and have the vision of what your engagement ring will look like, you should start shopping right away. Take help from Lily Jewellery Manufacturing for custom jewellery design in Canada and let us design a custom ring that will be perfect for that special occasion.

Many congratulations on finding the life partner of your dreams; now it’s time to choose from the engagement ring designs in Canada. You’ll find the perfect ring for sure.

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