5 Useful Tips for Roofing Remodeling in San Francisco Bay Area

Are you a homeowner in San Francisco Bay Area? Sometimes you have to renovate and upgrade your living space. Whether you’re thinking to do repairs or getting ready to sell your home, you should put enough time and effort into renovating your home.


It’s common for all homeowners around the San Francisco Bay Area seeking to renovate their roof so that their home can be energy efficient and aesthetically appealing. Fortunately, there are a few useful tips to consider for roofing remodeling in San Francisco Bay Area:

  1. Check for appearance.

A roof comprises of up to 40% of the visible exterior of every home. So, you have to consider how it will impact on the overall décor of your home and its environment before starting roof remodel. Some roof types work well with specific architectural styles and you’ll need expert roofing contractors to help you make the selection.

  1. Understand relevant codes.

Do you know there are set limits to the number of times you can cover an existing roof with additional layers of material? Most states only permit two layers of roofing materials. After that, you’ll have to tear off any previous layers before considering new roof installation.

You should hire a reliable roofing contractor and they’ll make sure that you stay updated on local codes and regulations. Therefore, you can count on them to help you make a well-informed decision.

  1. Do inspection.

When it comes to remodeling your roof, you have to know exactly what you want to improve, It’s paramount to do the inspection and check whether it need any repair. You have to look for any damages or cracks in the roofing structure.

Take this opportunity to go into your attic and inspect your roof from inside. Check whether there are any stains present which may sign any leak on roof. It’s really good to take images of your roof so that your professionals can look at them thoroughly.

  1. Know the materials.

One of the most important things you should consider while roof remodeling is the type of material you want to use. There are extensive varieties of materials available on the market that ranges from metal to asphalt shingles.


Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used materials and are considered as highly durable. They give a classic and clean look to your home. You should consider the type of materials while remodeling your roofing as it determines the overall appearance of your home.

  1. Consider ventilation.

It’s highly suggested to consider ventilation during the roof remodeling project. You have to ensure that you’ve enough vent space so that mold can’t harm. There should be at least one square foot free vent space for every 150 square feet of attic floor.

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