6 Wedding Photo-Shoot Blunders Every Couple Must Avoid

Getting the perfect shot at the perfect moment on your wedding day is not as simple as it looks. There’re so many factors that need to be considered while setting up the perfect shot for your wedding pictures. Here is our top 5 wedding photography blunders that you must avoid to ensure your wedding pictures turn out brilliantly.

Failing to discuss your wedding day schedule with your photographer:

Make an appointment with your Southern California wedding photographer to discuss your vision for the day and his ideas on the best schedule to follow for your nuptial pictures.


Ensure that you reassess the itinerary & stick to it on your wedding day. It is easy to get caught in the moment & overlook your all-important photo session.

Don’t let Uncle Bob try his DIY photography skills:

You’re paying your Southern California wedding photographer a handsome amount to be responsible for capturing each and every moment of your big day. Don’t allow uncle Bob to try & take over with his hobby camera to get in the way of the hired photographer

Not getting details fixed prior to the shoot:

Let your photographer know the best side of you to shoot & let him/her know what sort of dress and makeup you’ll be wearing so they can plan accordingly.


Trying to plan your own wedding or not involving your wedding planner:

We need our bride and groom to be our bride and groom on their wedding day not to multitask and be their own wedding planner at the same time. Having half dozen of vendors coming at you for things on your wedding day is not the way to go. You’ll be stressed and tense from worrying and it will not show well in the photos.

Letting your wedding planner regarding your photo session schedule is a no-brainer. They must know each fine detail regarding your whereabouts during the day so that they can plan the perfect itinerary for the day.

Enjoy the moments and leave it to others to take care of your wedding details for you.

Your schedule and your nuptial pictures will never be precisely the way you thought. This is where the competence of the wedding photographer comes into action, they’ve the capability to think on their feet and alter the setting without much trouble.

The best thing you can do is just be relaxed & natural. If you stress over wanting everything to be perfect is not worth it and it can destroy your special day, so ensure you’re all-set for a pleasant compromise.


Not hiring a second shooter:

Having a backup on hand is always a wise idea, better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to wedding photos.

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