Merry Kenya Project

A Very Merry Kenya Project – Princess Diana

A note from our friends at Hands That Love You….

“We wanted to share about our new Kenya project. We are so excited about this one as we have a big heart for Africa as did Princess Diana.

The students now have the bricks to start building rooms inside the building that was built, we donated the iron for the building a while ago. You can see the helpers with the orphans. We are preparing to get these rooms built as the labor has to be paid, not like India where the people do the work for free in most cases but they do get paid in food, clothing and basic needs.

We will be working on a new video end of January so that you can see the new projects we have been working on. Stay tuned for more!…..”

Thinking of you at this time and sending our love,

Adele and the team

Hands That Love You helps around 500 orphans, widows and families in Africa, India and the Philippines. The unique aspect of our Charity is that we not only help provide basics, but we also strive to help provide our orphans, widows and families with the means for becoming more self-sufficient. For example, we supply seeds that allow for planting of vegetation and have teamed up with groups who breed chickens, and other animals, which are then donated to our orphans, widows and families to use for food, on-selling, breeding and general reproduction.
Learn more about Hands That Love:
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