The Associated Terms That You Must Know Before Getting Started with Vaping

Devil's Punchbowl vape juice by Khali Vapors Salts 30ml

So, you have decided to quit smoking! You can replace this habit with vaping. It will allow you to enjoy the sense of tobacco & nicotine but make you free from the harsh impact of smoking tobacco! So, are you new to the vaping world now! You probably have many queries about such funky elements in your mind! What are the ingredients used in the world of vaping! Most of them are mysterious for those who are new to the vapor world. Let’s list vaping elements or terminology utilized to update you on the latest vape-associated terms.

Atomizer: It’s the heating element found inside all vape pods or e-cigarette devices. It has a heating element inside, which accelerates the movement of vape juice molecules inside to produce vapor.

Batteries: It is the power source of the e-cigarette that operates the device. It consists of ion batteries that can be charged with a USB charger.

Coil: It is the metal heat conductor inside the heating element.

Cartomizer: It is a container with an in-built vaporizer.

Cartridge: It is a detachable container that accommodates the vape juice of your choice, for example, Devil’s Punchbowl vape juice.

Clouds: The vapor that’s exhaled after taking a hit of your e-cigarette. It is very much prevalent among vaping community.

Dry burn: It is a situation when you run out of e-liquid, but you still carry on to turn on the heating element in your device. Avoid this practice for the durability of the vape pods or vape device you are using.

Dry puff is a term used if you feel a dry taste after sucking a hit or there is inadequate vape juice left in your cartridge.

E-cigarette: It is a cigarette-shaped electronic device that holds drenched nicotine liquid inhaled by the vaper.

E-liquids: A liquid substance used in the e-cigarette that gets heated & vaporized within each hit.

Resistance: The speed at which electricity can traverse via the heating compound. A low resistance gives faster heating & more excellent vapor, whereas high resistance lowers the heating & produces less vapor production.

Vaper: A familiar name was given to an individual who uses an e-cig or vape.

Wick: The porous material inside the pod draws vape juice up into the heating element to vapor.

Devil's Punchbowl vape juice by Khali Vapors Salts 30ml

Indulge in the ridiculously delightful & tropical flavor of Guava, with a soft hint of sweet-tart peaches plus delicious high-nic salt you’ve ever had. You can have the Devil’s Punchbowl vape juice by Khali Vapors Salts 30ml that will bring you the ultimate experience of delicious Guava, a good tart peach & a tropical salt experience. Visit now for more such flavoursome e-juices at a discounted price.

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Do You Know What Are The Prime Ingredient In Your Vape Juice?

strawberry fried cream cakes by Liquid EFX 60ml

E-cigarettes don’t include actual tobacco or other harmful ingredients like tar and carbon monoxide that you usually find in conventional cigarettes. So, the e-juice or vape liquid can be used as a liquid nicotine solution for active smokers. But, do you wonder what exactlye-juice is? If you’re planning an electronic cigarette option, you’re probably curious about the ingredients in e-liquid. Vape juice comprises a few essential components such as nicotine, flavorings, and vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol as a base content.

Nicotine: It is an extreme fanatic component usually found in e-cigarettes & conventional cigarettes. The nicotine content in each vape is consumed to rejuvenate the central nervous system & lift the sensation in the respiration system & the heart rate. Such a body reaction takes the micro nicotine substance to the brain. It will impact the dopamine levels, releasing a sense of gladness or pleasure in each vaping. Adding the strawberry fried cream cakes by Liquid EFX with different nicotine potencies to your vaping pod will bring some unique fruit taste while enjoying the nicotine. The strawberry fried cream cakes by Liquid EFX 60ml come with varying potencies of nicotine, ranging from zero to 3 to 6mg in each 60ml pack.

strawberry fried cream cakes by Liquid EFX 60ml

Flavorings: You will find thousands of flavors exist today, including strawberry, Cream, Cake, pineapple, cherry, berry blast, cinnamon, sweet tarts, fresh apples, watermelon, tobacco, and many more you can mention. It is almost impossible to find out all the chemicals that produce the flavor. Still, one chemical that needs to be mentioned is diacetyl (a chemical) used as an artificial food flavoring to your e-cigarette.

PG (Propylene Glycol): It is a lab-prepared non-toxic organic compound generally considered safe for consumption. Also, it is used to produce artificial fog or smoke for performances. It is a tasteless and odorless substance that makes a more substantial throat hit, similar to tobacco cigarettes.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin): – It is a considerably thicker solution compared to propylene glycol. Colorless and odorless, VG is slightly sweet in terms of taste which makes the e-liquid sweeter. The VG content in the strawberry fried cream cakes by Liquid EFX 60ml leads to more vapor and won’t cause allergic reactions or irritations while vaping.

Well, all the elements mentioned above are safe in drugs and foods! So, what remains ambiguous is the health risks that come from consuming a large number of chemicals over time. However, one thing is evident that vape juices are usually much safer than traditional cigarettes! It won’t make any direct impact like tobacco. They are also free from harmful ingredients such as tar and carbon monoxide.

Not sure with which vape juice to get started your vaping adventure? Give strawberry fried cream cakes by Liquid EFX from a try. Manufactured by Liquid EFX, the strawberry fried cream cakes e-liquid is the beautiful combination of luscious ripe strawberry, Creamy and fluffy, yellow sponge cake, and cream flavor. If you are looking for a flavor-packed vape e-juice, then it won’t disappoint your taste bud. You will surely enjoy some exclusive vaping experience and also at its fullest form.

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Banana Flavored Disposable Pods with Menthol Dash!

Banana Ice Disposable Pod Vape Juice

Banana is a fruit that is loved by people of all age from small kids to adults. Do you also love the banana flavor? Want to take delight in the flavor in your vaping experience? Then there are a number of banana flavored disposable pods in the market you can try. Let us take a look at some of the best banana flavored disposable pods that come with a menthol touch for ultimate freshness!

Banana Ice Disposable Pod by HQD Stark

Banana Ice by HQD Stark Disposable Vape Pod includes the flavor of fresh bananas which is combined with a cool menthol exhale. HQD Stark is an innovative all-in-one disposable pod device which has been designed to be a gratifying alternative to cigarettes. It is an outstanding solution to those seeking to start living a smoke-free life, but are maybe frightened about vaping. make your vaping experience simple and carefree with these amazing disposable pods by HQD Stark as it is absolutely accessible to any adult wanting to quit smoking.

Banana Ice Disposable Pod (1200 Puffs) by Pachamama

Banana Ice disposable pod by Pachamama features the delightful flavor of sweet and ripe banana which is frosted to perfection. Pachamama Banana Ice disposable pod is a revolutionary all-in-one device that has been designed for being the best alternative to cigarettes. If you are wishing to quit smoking and finding it difficult to do so! Then opt for Banana Ice disposable pod by Pachamama today and quit smoking without any hassle.


Banana Ice Disposable Pod (3000 Puffs) by Huge

Banana Ice Disposable Pod by Huge is not only one of the biggest devices but also one of the most delightful flavors too. The Huge device makes use of a unique patented pioneering mesh coil that enhances every flavor.

Banana Ice Disposable Pod by Cali Bars

Banana Ice is the most recent flavor that has been stacked in the Cali Bars line up. It is an in-your-face banana flavor, which is smoothly tempered with a strong glaze of icy cold menthol.

Banana Milkshake Disposable Pod (1500 Puffs) by LOY XL

Banana Milkshake Disposable Pod has been designed by spending several hours for perfecting the pure balance of banana smoothie by LOY XL. It offers you a flavor of sweet ripe refreshing banana mixed with light notes of cream and milk bringing you a classically paired vape experience.

Frozen Banana Disposable Pod (3500 Puffs) by Titan 3500

Frozen Banana Disposable Pod by Titan 3500 is a mouth-watering vaping option that will offer you the authentic taste of banana dashed with cool icy menthol. Titan 3500 uses adjustable airflow technology that allows you to choose how you want to vape. This device is rechargeable with fast charging USB-C.


EJuice Store is your ultimate online hub for disposable vape pods. Discover more delightful flavors with them at their website.

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3 Best Free Noms Vape Juice Flavors for All-Day Vaping Experience

Pear Green Apple Peach Vape Juice

Free Noms has become one of the best fruit flavored vape juice brands available on the vaping market. They are committed to providing superior quality fruit flavored confection. That’s why Free Noms vape juice flavors are at the top of the customer’s all day vaping lists.

With the explosion of fruit candy flavors, Free Noms offers fruity vape experience that satisfies your craving for fruit flavors and sweet tooth simultaneously. They are ideal for those looking for something more than just the average simple vape juice.

Why Do Vapers Love Free Noms Vape Juice?

Free Noms is a well-known brand garnering maximum recognition around the world due to the exceptional approach to vape juice flavors. Every flavor is inspired by single fruit confections and comes with the finest fruit extracts as well as sweet taste to enrich your vaping experience with every puff.

The succulent fruity blends have made them must-have in the vaping lists of many vapers. They are the perfect choice for anyone with sweet tooth who enjoys vaping fruit flavors. This vape brand has flourished in the vaping market that requires top quality vape juice.

  1. Peer Green Apple Peach Vape Juice by Free Noms 120ml

Peer Green Apple Peach vape juice has the perfect concoction of pear, green apple and peach. These fruits are combined together perfectly to create a masterpiece. Free Noms vaping experts have their own ways of combining things by creating a perfect blend for an all-day vape experience. This vape juice is available in a nicotine level of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg and has VG/PG ratio of 70/30.

Pear Green Apple Peach by Free Noms 120ml

  1. Lychee Cherry Blossom Raspberry by Free Noms 120ml

Lychee Cherry Blossom Raspberry by Free Noms 120ml gives you a unique flavorful experience by presenting you an extremely complex vape. The blend of lychee, cherry blossom and raspberry makes sure that you get a flavorsome vape from very beginning to end.

This delicious concoction is going to be one of your favorites for sure as it gets better with every puff you take. You take advantage of full flavor from inhale to exhale. This vape juice is available in a 120ml bottle and can be enjoyed in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength. The premium ejuice has three different flavored perfectly balanced to deliver the most pleasurable experiences.

  1. Arctic Wintergreen Freeze by Free Noms 120ml

Arctic Wintergreen Freeze vape juice gives you a cool and refreshing vape that will excite your vape buds for sure. This vape will leave you completely satisfied with every puff. The vape flavor boasts a solid profile that will keep you delighted from first puff to the last.

When you inhale, get ready to enjoy sweet taste of mint and ice cold infusion of menthol flavor. On the exhale, you will be left with a refreshing vape while giving you a fully satisfying experience. The Free Noms vape juice has the combination of bone-chilling blend of sweet and refreshing mint along with a cold explosion of menthol, making for the most thrilling all-day vape.

Bottom Line –

What’s your favorite flavor from Free Noms? Feel free to check out the vape juice selection at Ejuice Store and make a right purchase for ultimate vaping experience.

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