Mr. Marble offers Soap Ledge in Toronto

Welcome to the Mr. Marble, the one-stop solution to all your bathroom requirements be it shower bases, vanity tops, walls panels, or soap ledges. In Toronto, when it comes to such products, Mr. Marble is considered the first to come to mind. We have amazed our customers with the high-class products which are strong and durable. Our products are reliable. Do not worry when you can have the best soap ledges in Toronto. We are here to make your bathroom turn into an aesthetic look. You can now have your dream bathroom with the help of Mr. Marble’s products. We guarantee you the high-quality of products with a wide range of options.


Mr. Marble brings the true quality of a bathroom product must-have. We know the importance of bathroom products. It has to be of such quality which can be relied upon easily. Mr. Marble is serving for a very long time and meets every requirement of customers regarding the products like shower bases, wall panels, accessories, vanity tops, or soap ledges. We promise you products that will be tested and checked before they reach you. We make sure our customer receives the best products in the best way. Along with the high-quality of products we also have high-quality customer service. Mr. Marble prioritizes the quality of the products and the satisfaction of customers. Mr. Marble keeps advancing with the changing world and time so as to cope up with the modern needs of customers.

Soap Ledges from Mr. Marble: We know what you have been looking for, a quality soap ledge that is strong and durable, right? Mr. Marble got you covered. Yes, we have the best soap ledges to offer you. We have various options you can choose from. Our soap ledges are strong, durable, reliable, affordable, and good looking. It will add a new charm to your bathroom. If you wish to add some additional spark to your bathroom by the soap ledges or if your existing soap ledges have been old and broken then try out our amazing soap ledges.


You will find soap ledges of various styles. So it’s time for some stylish soap ledge to install in your bathroom. No matter which style of soap ledge you pick up, it will be of top-quality since it’s from Mr. Marble. We are considered as a very reliable option to choose and yes we are a well-known option among Toronto’s bathroom products providers.

The best part of Mr. Marble is that we always move ahead with the customer’s approval. We first discuss with our customers about what they exactly need what are their requirements and we let them know about our products and then allow them to let us know their choice so that you can proceed with their choice or approval. Mr. Marble believes in keeping transparency. Our team is always ready to assist you. Whenever you have any queries just contact us without a second thought. Your queries will be answered within no time.


Browse our collection and find the one you wanted to have. We have various other products available you can take a look at them as well. Mr. Marble is always ready to serve you.

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Mr. Marble for quality Custom Marble Vanity Tops of Toronto

Mr. Marble offers the highest standards of vanity tops. So if you have been looking for vanity tops that are made as best quality with being eye-catching, here you can find what you have been looking for exactly. Vanity tops of Mr. Marble is known for it’s being of superior quality. We understand what you want, what you wish to see in your vanity tops. Getting the right vanity top is very important. It enhances the function and look of the space. Vanity tops are the support system of sinks and bathroom cabinets, hence, it is very important to find the right type of vanity tops, serving your requirements and purpose.

Vanity tops of Mr. Marble are not only of reliable quality but also serve their purpose very well. Our vanity tops are the best of the best, they are worth relying on. When you can have such amazing vanity tops here at Mr. Marble then what are you thinking of, browse our vanity top collections quickly to select the one of your choices. We know our customers very well, their requirements and their expectations from Mr. Marble and therefore, we put 100% effort into making our vanity tops unbeatable.

Mr. Marble is a well-known name in the industry, serving the vanity top, shower bases, wall panel, floor needs of the market. With our experience, we have been able to stand as a reliable option to go for. We prioritize the quality of any products we sell because customer satisfaction is what we always prioritize with the quality of products. We make sure every product is perfect to be delivered to you. You can expect a high-class service from Mr. Marble.

Custom Made Vanity Tops in Toronto: In Toronto, you can find reliable vanity tops from us. It is manufactured with premium quality materials, which makes it strong and durable.

We offer ~

Commercial vanity tops which can be used in offices, malls, and any other commercial place are offered. They are highly functional, have great performance.

The standard vanity tops we have are 19″, 22″, 23″ in depth. You can have vanity tops of any other depth on additional charges.

The integrated backsplash vanity top has a 4″ tall backsplash with a ¾” thick counter deck.

We even offer vanity tops with no integrated backsplash which can be added separately with edge profiles ranging from 1.5”- 4”.

Browse our sink styles and commercial vanity tops. You will definitely find it to be perfect. Don’t wait for more get your vanity tops from the known and trusted Mr. Marble of Toronto.

Apart from vanity tops, we have top-quality shower bases, floors, accessories, wall panels. You can even take a look at our other products. Mr. Marble assures you a durable, strong, smooth surfaced, and eye-catching vanity top at the best price.

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Five Reasons To Hire A Professional To Have The Latest Bathroom Trends In Toronto

Latest Bathroom Trends In Toronto

A bathroom redesign can change a whole house. If you want to refresh it for your utilization, the comfort of new installations that function admirably and look incredible will be astounding. The advantages are likewise justifications for why bathroom redesigning is extremely popular if you attempt to sell your home. Whatever the explanation you are rebuilding your restroom, you should recruit experts to accomplish the work and have the latest bathroom trends in Toronto. The following are five motivations behind why.


Structural integrity

If you have at any point seen a home redesign show, you realize the fact. Go to take out a divider, and there is a line there. If you do your bathroom model yourself, for sure, you will run into issues like this. Washroom renovating contractors will know more about the format of your home. They will design the rebuild so that you keep the fundamental underlying trustworthiness and stay inside licenses. This is a ton to sort out all alone, so recruiting experts is ideal.

Saving time and money

Since proficient remodelers have payment to accomplish the development work, it will not accept them as long as it takes crushing it in your extra time. Do-It-Yourself bathroom rebuilding can consume a large chunk of the day. It can wind up costing considerably more cash than it would recruit experts in any case. Bathroom renovating contractors will also want to give you an expected timetable to know what you are getting into from the beginning.

Better look

Let’s face it. A DIY bathroom redesign is, once in a while, going to look comparable to an expert one. Those working in the development and redesigning business have the experience essential to make your washroom look best and follow recent bathroom trends. However, it will require some investment and cash to get comparable outcomes all alone. There is additionally the capability of introducing something wrong and having a leak or other issue only half a month after you finish your redesign. So avoid the mystery and recruit a bathroom contractor.

Have discounts

Contractors have associations inside their industry. Along these lines, they can almost certainly get you discounts on deck, tile, and even installations like latrines and sinks. So rather than going into a home improvement store and purchasing everything at retail price, you will approach lower costs held for the individuals who do bathroom redesigning constantly. The cash you save through these discounts may even compensate for any shortfall for what you pay experts instead of doing everything yourself.


Reduce stress

Any kind of home redesign, even only one bathroom rebuild, can be upsetting. Your home is a wreck, things will not work as expected, and no one can say for sure when you will have the opportunity to restore everything. Recruiting a bathroom rebuilding contractor will remove this load of stress. Proficient development teams do the work on your behalf. When you employ a decent contractor, you do not need to stress over the redesign, harming your home. Try not to go through the bathroom rebuilding nervousness for reasons unknown. Instead, recruit another person to take on the undertaking for you.

If you are pondering bathroom renovating and desire to implement the latest bathroom trends in Toronto in your bathroom, it is wise to contact MRMARBLE. They care about their client’s experience and speak with them consistently. Contact them at 905-669-3877 to have an estimate.

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Six Reasons To Use Shower Wall Panels Instead Of Tiles In Toronto

There are countless choices to make when planning your washroom renovation in Toronto; materials, shading plans, shower or no shower. Is it a good idea for you to go down the ordinary ceramic tiling course, or are shower wall panels a superior choice? Where have you been if you have not known about waterproof washroom wall panels? Furthermore, on the off chance that you have, and you believe, they are the monstrous stuff your Granny had in her washroom, reconsider.


Fast and simple to introduce

The scope of shower wall panels in Toronto, with their ideal equilibrium of excellent quality plan and usefulness, could be by and large the thing you are searching for. A genuine reward of settling on shower panels rather than tiles is that they are easy and quick to introduce and become ready to use in only 24 hours. There is no sticking around for grouting to have application and afterward dried before you can jump into the shower.

No grout, no problem

Tile grout is one of the more normal regions attacked by mould, with the potent blend of buildup and dampness in restrooms giving the ideal climate to it to grab hold. With shower panels, you can easily win the ongoing battle against mould.

Hydro lock, for a practically consistent association

Joining shower panels has now never been more straightforward or all the more stylishly satisfying – especially with shower wall panels in Toronto from reputed manufacturers. Their unique, basically consistent tongue and groove joint gives a watertight establishment without the requirement for extra fitting so that there is nothing to intrude on the progression of your delightful wall of shower panels.


Shower panels are simpler to clean

Regarding cleaning, there is no requirement for bleach and scourers to handle dingy grout as these panels are without any grout and require next to no attention. A periodic speedy wipe down is all that is necessary to keep them perfect and in most perfect condition for quite a long time to come.

It would be best if you used warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner to clean shower panels. It is best to use the soft side of a sponge to clean.

Made utilizing eco-friendly materials

Shower wall panels in Toronto from reputed manufacturers are a more eco-accommodating adorning arrangement than tiles.

Each progression in the supply chain has proper tracking, furnishing you with the certainty and confirmation that you are buying a reasonably sourced item and one that is dependent upon strict quality control.

Extravagant finishes

Try not to be mixed up in reasoning that the look you can accomplish with shower panels is restricted. Shower panels have traveled a long, long way, and reputed manufacturers like MRMARBLE, as the market chief, drives the charge in offering property holders an extravagant cluster of plan alternatives.

Washroom panels from reputed manufacturers in Toronto are both excellent and adaptable and fit practically any interior – from the biggest restroom to the littlest cloakroom. Extraordinary for a speedy revive or a total washroom modification.


So regardless of whether your taste is intended for metropolitan modern, exemplary complexity, loosened up elegance, or comfortable, you can understand your plan vision with MRMARBLE shower wall panels in Toronto rather than tiles. From the very beginning in 1985, they have offered all to have wall panels of the best quality at an affordable price. Contact them at 905-669-3877 to place your order.

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