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Uganda is a distinctive safari spot situated in east Africa. It is brimming with amazing beauty wherever you witness it. Visitors can relish one of the finest climates in the world. It is perpetually sunny and green there throughout the year. Uganda is the habitat of the renowned, threatened mountain gorillas. It boasts the largest number of mountain gorillas in the world. Uganda is attracting more and more tourists as a safari place. 

It’s not surprising that most travelers in India are eyeing Uganda for their next holiday journey from India. But how will you make the Uganda tour from India successful? You need to follow certain proven yet easy steps while planning a successful Uganda tour package from India to this gorilla destination. Here are a few steps to make your dream journey a reality.


Decide where to go

With 10 national parks and 4 wildlife reserves, numerous towns, ethnic villages, and societies to pick from, choosing where to visit in Uganda from India can be overwhelming. The first step is figuring out the type of holiday you desire or the particular sights you’d like to see and activities you’d like to do. Are you looking for a classic safari experience or enjoy discovering great ancient cultures or trekking into ancient jungles or everything in your Uganda tour itinerary? Consult with a leading tour operator & travel management company regarding your plan.

Decide when to go

After you’ve picked your destination, the next step is to determine when to go. Uganda has two ideal travel seasons that most tourists prefer; the dry season and the rainy season. Most tourists will visit Uganda during the dry season (June to September and December to February). It is the prime time for gorilla tracking excursions and observing the wildlife & bird life.

Book your tour activities and lodging

Next, you need to decide whether you’re going to travel solo or take the assistance of a tour guide. Are you planning the Uganda tour from India yourself or need a tour operator to take care of the local travel logistics? It is ideal to take the help of a travel operator like savanna safari which offers exclusive Uganda tour packages from India! They provide comprehensive safari packages that include itineraries, accommodations, meals, transport, activities, gorilla permits, and guides. You settle the bill with the tour operator, and they’ll cover the cost of the service provider and handle your whole journey. Contact your chosen local operator beforehand because permits are limited to a few individuals a day.

Reserve your flights

Flights to Uganda can be costly, and a scarce number of airlines often implies that seats are scarce. For the best prices, book your flight as early as possible. Try to communicate with your tour operator to arrange airport transfers.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential while planning your Uganda tour packages from India! It will cover your medical costs, trip cancellation, loss of valuables, baggage loss, or theft.

Check your visa requirements

Uganda’s immigration requires all persons intending to travel to Uganda for holiday, tourism, etc.. So keep this in mind & get ready a few months before your departure date,

Buy your travel equipment

The fun part of planning your waiting trip to Uganda comes from buying all your specialized travel equipment. Your shopping list may include items from mosquito repellents to a good set of binoculars, a quality camera, and a pair of durable hiking shoes. Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Another vital buy is a first aid kit, & fill it with any personal medicines and all things you’ll require to heal minor aches and wounds.


Plan how to handle money

Plan how to handle money a few weeks before your trip. Carrying large amounts of cash around isn’t safe in Uganda. Thankfully, debit and credit cards are accepted at nearly all contemporary safari camps and lodges in Uganda. Before your journey, find out this information from your local safari operator.


Researching about Uganda ahead of time is a great way to increase your excitement level & local knowledge. An online travel guide like savanna safari can give you valuable insight into a country’s history, culture, and lesser-known things to see and do. Book the best Uganda tour packages from savanna safari. They offer great deals on Uganda packages from India with the best price guarantee. They guarantee you will receive top Uganda tour deals and relish your safari journey with relatives or buddies.

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