Choosing Wallets – A Few Factors to Consider!

Looking for a change in your wallet? Want something that can hold your dollar bills, credit cards, emergency cash and a small pile of business cards as well? Or you just want to replace your old wallet with a new stylish one? Whatever might be the reason you can find a lot of options available in the market today. But which one is the best for your needs?

It is an undeniable fact that men need to store a lot of stuff in their wallets. So is a Bifold leather mini wallet is good for you or a slim wallet? You can find a lot of styles, makes and designs of wallet to choose from. While choosing a wallet there are numerous factors that we need to consider such as the material, size, style, color and more.

So let us check out the different types of wallets so that you can find out the one that suits your preferences perfectly.

  • Material-Wise

As far as material of wallets is concerned most of the traditional wallets are made using leather which is either cowhide or bridle hide. Cowhide is the most common material as it is durable, soft and offers more luxurious feel. Bridle hide is made from tougher cowhides to create robust wallets.

  • Styles of Wallets

Black Bifold Crazy Horse Leather Wallet

  • Billfold

Billfold Wallets are the most traditional wallets for men. These wallets are available in two types i.e. Bifold and tri-fold. Bifold wallets fold into half at the middle and have slots on both the sides for IDs, credit cards and photos. Tri-fold wallets consist of two sides overlapping the middle portion when get folded.

Slim Front Pocket Wallet

  • Slim Wallet

Those who are fond of fitted suits and slim slacks can opt for slim wallets as these are less bulky. However, there are only a few slots that can store three to four credit cards. That being said, slim wallets are more comfortable to sit on and are best for minimalist look!

  • Travel Wallet

Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are ideal for global getaways as these have a lot of slots to hold boarding passes, passport as well as other important travel documents. Also such wallets have security features like zippered compartments. If you need further security you can opt for travel wallets with RFID protection lining.

  • Long Wallet

Long Wallet

Also known as coat wallet, a long wallet is meant for classic men. These wallets are designed to fit into the breast coat pockets and are hence generously sized with more slots for cards. Such wallets are usually popular with businessmen.

  • Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist wallets are in demand today and the reasons are obvious. These are the best options for those who prefer to keep the essentials in the forefront or who want to get rid of bulging wallets.  You can find a variety of minimalist wallets today ranging from Bifold leather mini wallet to metal minimalist wallets and more.

  • Color

Color of wallets also plays a vital role when it comes to choosing a wallet. For classic options you can opt for brown, black or tan. However, there are other wallets with hints of different colors such as a stitch of red on a black leather wallet and likewise.


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