Commercial Kitchen Installation – A Few Things To Consider

Are you planning for opening your first restaurant or a new branch of your restaurant? Or you are thinking of renovating your existing restaurant? Whatever might be the reason, efficient commercial kitchen design is a must. It is an undeniable fact that the kitchen is the heart of any restaurant and food is the soul. Also, the staff that is creating food plays a vital role. So if you are looking for commercial kitchen installation in Portland, Oregon, then do consider these factors in mind.

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To make your commercial kitchen installment in Portland, Oregon successful it is essential for you to design commercial kitchen layouts that include all the necessary restaurant equipment that your chef might need. Moreover, you can incorporate technology into your kitchen such as kitchen display systems which help in improving efficiency to a great extent.

Let us check out some of the things that are necessary for you to consider when planning for commercial kitchen installment in Portland, Oregon:

  1. First of all, make sure to involve your chef in the entire process of kitchen design and installment. When you involve your chef they can help you choose the right equipment for the restaurant and will also guide you in deciding the amount of space required for a kitchen. And if they aren’t involved then the entire flow might go wrong. Your chef better knows the menu and the kind of space that is efficient for the team. So taking inputs from the chef is something you should not ignore!


  1. Know what menu you are going to serve. Without setting a menu you cannot plan kitchen design. Therefore, you need to create a list of the meals you are planning to serve on your menu along with the specific ingredients involved in each meal. Then note down the steps for making each menu item which should also include the equipment that will be used. With all this information you can plan where to place the appliances like ovens and prep stations etc.


  1. Make a list of the things that you do not need in your kitchen. This step will help you in keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Use your creativity in using equipment properly and if possible double time. You must include the detailed measurements of equipment that are necessary for food preparation, display, refrigeration as well as storage.


  1. Make a thorough research on the local health codes. Regulations for restaurants vary from state to state. And mind you, these health codes are crucial to consider when planning for designing a commercial kitchen. To install a commercial kitchen, health codes, fire codes, employee safety rules and more need to be met. Some regulations include the appropriate distance between your food preparation station and the sink or disposal drain, vent and grease traps installment and likewise. You will need to review all the licenses and permits required for designing and installing a commercial kitchen in Portland Oregon.


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