Dialect Coach in Los Angeles with Strommen

Looking for a dialect coaching? Strommen languages will help you with your language and dialect needs. We have extensive experience providing language lessons as well as on-set dialect and language coaching services. We make learning simple and interesting. Moreover, you can have home, online, or in-person classes based on your convenience as well as needs. Many actors will take language lessons to gain fluency to make their performances more genuine and natural.

Our tutors and dialect coaches are carefully vetted and highly skilled. We have been offering the best language classes in Los Angeles since 2006. We offer a variety of services in language dialect coaching, transcription, translation, on-set interpreting, and more.

Dialect Coach in Los Angeles:

We have a team of professional dialect coaches with years of experience in film, TV, music, and commercial productions, Visit our site to see our partial resume. We are experienced at assisting with the design of voice as well as speech of a character in context of an on-camera, stage, or voice over-production.

We offer language classes for a wide range of languages like Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and more. Our  experienced tutors will plan a course that best fits your requirements.

Choose us:

·        Transparency: We are fully transparent with no hidden fees. We can work with any budget.

·        Local teachers: We have local teachers that provide in-person classes in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. For all other locations we provide a variety of online classes.

·        Group classes: We offer in-person and online small group classes. Small groups ensure  each student receives the attention they need.

·        Private classes: We also offer private classes to help you focus more and for maximum flexibility.

Strommen offers flexible class scheduling. Strommen has helped thousands of students to excel in their careers by enhancing their knowledge in the particular language and subject they are interested in pursuing. We make learning interesting. Look us up on Yelp or Google  to read some reviews and testimonials from our students.

Strommen provides reliable and dependable high quality language classes. You can be confident you will learn a new language faster than you thought possible. We are focused on providing high quality personalized language teaching. Moreover, we also offer flexibility to switch teachers and subjects whenever you feel like.

FInally, we offer regular meetup events for students and instructors. We create a social environment in which students can get to know one another and practice their skills, which makes classes interesting.

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