Discover Kenya With An Exclusive Tour Packages From Mumbai

Are you considering an East African safari? The imagination is immediately filled with images of expansive open savannahs, and breathtaking landscapes. Abundance of wildlife stretching as far as the eye can see is also a part of your imagination!

Kenya stands out as one of Africa’s most remarkable and captivating destinations. Throughout the year, the country offers captivating highlights such as the awe-inspiring Great Migration, vast savannas, lush forests, serene lakes, and stunning landscapes. Imagine beholding the majestic Mt Kilimanjaro from one of the most incredible viewpoints. All of these factors combine to make Kenya the ultimate safari destination for travelers departing from Mumbai. Let’s go ahead and understand the reasons Kenya should be your top choice for a safari adventure from Mumbai.


Discover wildlife and witness the awe-inspiring phenomenon. 

Embark on an exploration of diverse wildlife and witness the Great Migration firsthand. Kenya provides safari enthusiasts with the opportunity to encounter an incredible array of wildlife in its numerous national parks. Additionally, it serves as the starting point for the renowned Great Migration. Kenya’s vast herds and flocks ensure that wildlife sightings are virtually guaranteed. Each safari destination within Kenya boasts its unique topography. It is perfectly suited to specific wildlife species.

Enjoy the Best of Beach and Bush

The strategic location of Kenya on the eastern coast of Africa allows for a seamless combination of an exhilarating safari & tranquil beach getaway. This makes the country an ideal destination for those seeking both adventure and relaxation. Are you planning to travel to Kenya from India? The popular choices for Indian tourists embarking on a Kenyan safari are beach escapes including Mombasa or the nearby island of Zanzibar. With a short flight from Nairobi, visitors can easily explore any of the enchanting Indian Ocean Islands. They can move effortlessly from a wildlife haven to a marine paradise. The extensive coastline of Zanzibar is a pure bliss for those seeking a more secluded retreat! Spending a little time in Stonetown before heading to your beach resort is highly recommended.

Enjoy Convenient Travel Logistics

It is quite convenient to reach various parks by road when Nairobi serves as your starting point. By driving into these reserves, your vehicle instantly becomes a game-viewing machine. By raising the roof, you can stand and observe your first animal. While moving between small airstrips, lodges, or camps, you have the chance to spot wildlife as you leisurely drive from one accommodation to another. If you wish to enjoy a city and safari break then Nairobi National Park could be the best destination in Kenya.


Easy International Connections

The convenience of your safari journey is crucial as it constitutes a significant aspect of your trip. Kenya is situated on the east coast of Africa. Several options exist to get there from India. Create a Kenya tour package from Mumbai by carefully choosing your destination according to your interests.


Kenya boasts an abundance of captivating wildlife. It can be found across its diverse national parks and game reserves. With convenient access from international locations and nearby extensions, this destination offers an ideal opportunity to embark on a traditional safari, enjoy warm hospitality, and indulge in unforgettable beach getaways. Discover more about Kenya’s wonders through Savana Safari and discover a range of enticing Kenya tour packages from Mumbai. Rest assured, that they will assist you in selecting the perfect destination and travel experiences. They ensure your safari dreams come true. For more information on Savana Safari and their Kenya tour packages from Mumbai visit today!

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