DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement: Understanding the Potential Pitfalls

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The potential cost savings are arguably the most appealing aspect of a DIY repair compared to hiring a professional. Professionals often charge exorbitant fees! Sometimes amounting to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single repair or installation. On the other hand, DIY repairs can be significantly cheaper, requiring only the investment of your free time.

However, it is crucial to note that this approach is only advisable if you possess prior experience with repairs. Also you have a clear understanding of the necessary steps. Otherwise, attempting a DIY repair, particularly when it comes to complex tasks like replacing broken garage door springs, can lead to dire consequences and a waste of money. Let’s know what garage door spring is and also look at a few risks when trying to DIY spring replacement.

What is a garage door spring?

Garage door springs are typically installed above the door opening. While there are various types of springs available, torsion springs are the most widely used for garage doors. Over time, the repeated winding and unwinding of these springs can lead to a decrease in its strength. When the springs are no longer able to effectively lift the door, it is advisable to replace them. You should do it to maintain the proper garage door opener functioning.

DIY garage door broken spring repair comes with some inherent risks.

Repairing garage door springs on your own can pose numerous risks, including severe injuries and fatalities. Due to the high level of danger, it is strongly advised against attempting this task independently. Listed below are some of the reasons why you call a professional garage door broken spring in MD!

Torsion springs can cause accidents

The springs become highly pressurized when subjected to stress, posing a potential hazard when attempting to repair or replace them independently. You may not have the appropriate tools or knowledge to handle the issue. Improper release results in injuries.

Not using proper tools for garage door maintenance

The problem with DYing is that people often lack specialized tools, skills, and knowledge. They try to do what they have on hand. A winding bar is a frequently utilized tool in the replacement of garage door springs. Options for alternatives such as screwdrivers can result in the spring unexpectedly detaching, posing a risk of injury to the repair person or potential damage to surrounding property.

The garage door falling off

A standard garage door typically weighs approximately one hundred pounds. If you have a wooden door or other heavier materials, the weight can exceed that amount. Without the necessary tools and expertise, there is a risk of the garage door collapsing during repairs, leading to potentially dangerous accidents. It is crucial not to attempt to use inadequate tools as substitutes, as this could result in the garage door falling on you. It’s often worth the money to leave the repair to the professional garage door broken spring in MD. It gives you peace of mind knowing that trained people will come and do it for you.

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DIY can become more expensive

The trial-and-error aspect can lead to broken parts and wasted time. It can ultimately become more expensive than calling the professionals. Your DIY ends up damaging your garage door, which you cannot claim from the insurance company. They often come with installation and repair warranties that can help you in the event of something going wrong.


Garage door repair is a complicated and expensive ordeal that you shouldn’t attempt unless you are explicitly trained for it. Trained professionals at MonTop Garage Door have the necessary skills to repair your garage door springs properly. MonTop Garage Door possesses the appropriate tools and equipment necessary to carry out the task securely. Opting for their repair services will ultimately result in saving both time and money. For further information on their services, please contact them at +1 240 974 – 0912.

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