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Princess Diana was the Princess of Wales. She was from a Royal British family. She had an amazing childhood, adulthood, and a whole lifetime.

So, have you ever visited her museum to see her beautiful collection? If not, then what have you been waiting for? All you need is access. Get access soon and explore the largest collection of Princess Diana in the museum. You can have access as per your choice like for a day, for a week, or a month.

You will surely enjoy the museum tour because you will get to see over 1700 artifacts. From Diana’s childhood to her tragic death, her belongings were carefully preserved.


Museum of Queen of Hearts, ‘Princess Diana’: The Princess & The Platypus Foundation brings you the largest collection in the world, the Princess Diana collection. The museum includes over 1,700 carefully curated, personal, and historical artifacts, all displayed in 3D style. The display has her belongings from childhood, teenage period, and her entire life. The display conveys her life and legacy very well.

You will enjoy seeing every item preserved as a memory of Princess Diana. If you haven’t yet got the access then get it soon.

You will be guided by a virtual tour inside the museum so that you don’t miss out on anything. The access will be available to you 24/7 be it the access for a day, week, or month. Use the code offered and get off. The museum is the only one to offer affordable 24/7 accessible museum visits.

The museum has over 29 articles of clothing which include her childhood dresses, teenage dresses, and even the iconic Versace Atelier dress, worn on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. All her items are displayed in 2D and 3D forms using the latest technology.

Now, you can see these amazing iconic pieces from any part of the home at your comfort and convenience.

There is a collection of The Teenage Years, Wedding of the Century, The Royal Court, A Mother’s Love, Portraits of a Princess, Cover Girl, and others.

Princess Diana

The dress collection includes Andre Van Pier, Caroline Charles, Versace Atelier, and Victor Edelstein.

You will be guided in English or Spanish inside the museum.

We fundraise to acquire, loan, maintain, preserve, educate, and display public items of historical and cultural interest relating to Princess Diana.

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