Few Less Known Facts About The People’s Princess – Diana

Princess Diana was a style icon, activist, trailblazer, and one of the most influential people of the twentieth century. Though she dwelled the mainstream of her life in the spotlight, there is so many things you perhaps don’t know regarding the beloved late royal. Here are a few unknown facts about the People’s Princess.


Her wedding gown was the longest in royal history:

Prior to her famous wedding to Charles, she spent 5 months being fitted into the inflated gown which boasted a 25ft long train and needed adequate practice walking in before she made her way down the aisle.

She wished to be a ballerina but was unbelievably tall:

She studies ballet & wishes to become a pro dancer, but grew too tall to persist with.

Charles dated her sister first:

Diana was just sixteen years old when she first met the prince at a family get-together, which he was attending with her older sister, Sarah. Sarah actually held no complaint against her younger sister, as she afterward simply claimed to be a matchmaker for the royal duo.

She didn’t vow to “obey” Charles:

The universal phrase for a wife to obey her husband that had formerly been used in all regal nuptials was evidently excluded from Charles & Diana’s vows, which later became a new ritual when Kate and William pursued the same tradition during their wedding ceremony.

She was the 1st royal bride to have a paying job:

When she tied the knot with Prince Charles in 1981, Diana became the 1st regal bride ever to have had a paying job until becoming engaged to a successor. And the Duchess of Cambridge was the 1st regal bride to possess a university degree.

Prince William inspired her philanthropy:

Shortly prior to her bereavement in 1997, Diana sold many of her iconic outfits to collect funds for AIDS charities, after William, who was fifteen at the time made the suggestion. Predictably, he & his brother Harry carries on in her charitable paths by raising funds & wakefulness for many of the same charities at present.

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