Four Questions Your Wedding Photographers Need To Answer

The secret to finding reliable wedding vendors is interviewing them prior to you sign the deal. This holds true especially with a wedding photographer. You will be spending the whole wedding day with the photographer of your choice, so besides loving their style of work, having a face-to-face interview is an excellent way to ensure you will face no issue to have them around.


Not convinced where to begin when it comes to interviewing a wedding photographer? We have rounded up a list of queries that may help narrow down your options.


  • Are you available for my wedding date?
  • Will you be the one taking photographs of my wedding. If not can I meet the photographer who will be there on my wedding day.
  • How many other nuptials you’ll photograph that weekend?
  • Will you have a second shooter with you on my wedding day?

What styles do your specialize in?

This is a very critical question that you must ask your wedding photographer before finalizing the deal. Most photographers employ a mixture of many different photography styles, but you will wish to ensure they shoot portraits, for example, if they are critical to you. Going with the style a photographer likes to shoot best will offer with the most favourable outcomes.

Does your package include a second-shooter?

If your wedding has more than fifty guests, you want to ensure your wedding photography package has a second-shooter on offer. Apart from the wedding site, there’re several moments in which one solitary photographer can’t capture alone. There’s no way to capture the first kiss, and turn around to capture the tear in mother’s eye.

Therefore, here at Peter Nguyen Studio we bring at least one second shooter to offer the most coverage of your nuptial to best capture your memories.

Does you let me choose a particular style of post-production?

The style of post-production that the wedding photography service uses is another factor that will determine how your pictures will look. This is to say, they do post-produce your pictures. Be very cautious, as many photography studios don’t post-produce pictures, rather they provide them to you incomplete and directly from the camera. In this situation, you’ll not receive a finished & professional product.


When you hire Peter Nguyen Studio for Editorial Wedding Photography Orange County rest assured that you will receive professional quality image that you’d like to treasure forever. We take thousands of photos in weddings, and prudently edit all of the photos before they are delivered to you. Call us at 714-655-2144 if you are looking for the best editorial wedding photography package.

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