Furniture Buying Tips For The Newly Built Home

Buying your first home is such a fascinating, albeit nerve-wracking, milestone in life. A new home generally means a new location, a new start and, what most of us are engrossed in, some new furniture.


Having to furnish a newly constructed house may look a bit overwhelming for first time homeowner. This is because there’s – so much space you might  have to fill in a way that is visually pleasing, yet functional So, here we have – some furniture buying tips for your newly built home that are sure to make your furniture buying process a less hassle experience.

Have a budget & stick to it:

The average cost of furnishing a 3-bedroom home is more than $20000, so this guide can be used when deciding on the furnishing budget for your new home. So, try to set a budget for each living space and spend uniformly to make sure a consistent thought have been put throughout.

Cloe 2 Seater Sofa

Investing in furniture that hold value over time

Look for furniture that can be as versatile as possible. For instance, sometimes you will wish to host a dinner gathering at home, and an extendable dining table will be the best option to consider getting.


Consider getting dining chairs that can also act as occasional chairs, so that they can be placed in your bedroom, hallway or living room. In fact, you can buy   chairs that are equally apt as dining room chairs.

Consider family-friendly furniture:

In the coming years, you might be welcoming new family members to, so it is worth considering their needs beforehand, as furniture is an investment for many years to come. If there’s a planning for a baby, steer clear of furniture with sharp corners, and choose upholstered fabrics that are either darker in color or easier to clean.

Buy online and get them delivered:

The way people purchase furniture today has changed a lot. Traditional retail furniture stores are becoming less popular. With online furniture shopping becoming more common, there is more selection to choose from and it provides convenience with items delivered straight to your home. Besides, the possibility of getting a good deal on your next furniture purchase is always there.

Hopefully this checklist can give you some helpful advice and ideas on furniture buying for your newly built home. Visit Zest Livings now if you are looking to buy furniture for your next home from the best furniture store in Singapore. Express your taste and personality with our custom made furniture as well.

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