Garage Door Inspection: The Necessity For A Smooth Garage Door Functioning

A garage door is a major value addition to any home. They’re excellent places to store your trinkets in addition to being terrific places to park your car. To keep them in excellent operating order, your garage doors require regular maintenance, just like anything else in your house. Ignoring a garage door’s inspection can be downright dangerous.

They are made up of several different parts and components, such as motors, sensors, frames, hinges, slides, and more, all of which work together to make using your garage door painless. However, with time, it’s normal to anticipate wear and tear on these components. You can anticipate significant cost savings with basic preventive maintenance when you examine a garage door and identify problems before they become an issue.


Generally speaking, you should check your garage once every six months to see if any problems have emerged. Preventive door inspections are a common way to reduce maintenance expenditures. Use the checklist below to find the main problems that need to be fixed to maintain the safety of your garage door and keep it operating effectively.

Photo-eye sensors

Most garage doors have photo-eye sensors. It is used to prevent the door from closing if it’s near your car. These sensors are typically found on the garage floor, near the door. It’s time to hire a professional for garage door repair if your door isn’t closing properly or operates incorrectly. You can contact a reliable garage door inspection service at Montop Garage Door.

Buttons and remotes

The garage door typically comes with a button on the wall to operate it. It is also operated with a remote. If you feel the push button or remote is not working as intended then it may be time to either replace the push button and remote. You can call our garage door inspection professional to confirm the same and do the necessary service.

Auto-reversal function

Auto-reversal is a safety function that prevents the door from closing if it detects any object on the path. Whenever it detects an object, your garage door should automatically reverse back into its open position to prevent any collisions and accidents. It’s time to check the auto-reversal mechanism if the garage door refuses to open smoothly or close even while anything is blocking it. If it’s still intact and not working properly, then it will require some adjustments which are best done by hiring our garage door inspection professional.

Inspecting the door, track, and rollers

A garage door operates by moving the door across a track and rollers with the use of a motor. These parts suffer the most wear and tear! They will need regular inspections to ensure the tracks, rollers, and other mechanical moving parts are in prime working condition. It’s time to call a professional to have your garage door professionally inspected and to perform any necessary preventive maintenance if you notice any obstructions to its smooth operation. They’ll prevent rust from occurring.

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Hardware inspection and cleaning

The mechanical components of your garage door are held together by hardware like brackets and hinges. Experts can inspect the hardware. They replace any missing screws and bolts if necessary. They will clean and wipe down dirt from the hardware during the inspection process. If they are worn down, then they replace it right away.


A garage door needs to be inspected and maintained every six months. Call the professional garage door inspection at Montop Garage Door. They are one of the leading garage door inspection companies that offer their best service in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. They take care of little problems. In addition to having resources and experience at their disposal, they are also able to identify any other problems that could become problems in the future.