Hair Removal Techniques – Find Which One is Ideal for You?

Tired of unwanted hair? Want to get rid of these? Looking for hair removing salon near you? Before you start looking for “hair removing salon near me” online, take a look at some of the best hair removal methods to choose from. There are a number of methods out which some are costly, some are painful, some are temporary, while some are permanent/long-lasting. So let us find out which hair removal method is ideal for you.


Shaving is one of the easily accessible and cheapest hair removal methods as you can do it yourself. Moreover, it takes only a few minute to remove hair from large areas such as your legs. Shaving is ideal for legs, underarms and possibly the bikini lines if you are not prone to irritation. When shaving is carried out in a proper manner i.e. shaving is done against the direction of hair growth, you achieve smoother and cleaner skin. But as shaving only cut the hair above the skin, it tends to grow back quite quickly. Hence, you may need to shave every couple of days. But make sure to replace the blade of your razor for women frequently and lubricate skin using creamy foam or shave gel to minimize potential damage.


In this method, warm, melted wax is being applied to the skin in strips in the same direction as hair growth, which is then pulled off in the opposite direction. The heat of the wax applied dilates the hair follicles slightly making it easier to remove the hair along with its roots efficiently. This method is ideal for areas such as legs, hands, upper lips and underarms. Waxing causes redness, irritation, bumps and even damages to your skin especially when your skin is thin or sensitive. Waxing can also cause ingrown hairs! For minimizing the risk you need to exfoliate skin before waxing as dead skins may clog hair follicles and lead to the risk of ingrown hairs. As waxing removes hair completely, the results can last longer i.e. up to four weeks.


Sugaring is an ancient Middle Eastern technique used for removing hair. This technique has become quite popular in the US recently, in which sugar, lemon juice and water are used to make a paste which is then spread over the skin going against the direction of hair growth. After which it is pulled off in the direction of hair growth making it less painful than waxing. The method is ideal for legs, face and bikini area. As this method uses only basic ingredients, it is unlikely to cause any sort of skin allergies or irritation. When done correctly, sugaring provides smoother results and can last for about four weeks.


Threading is a hair removal method that involves thread which is used to grab and remove hair by the root. It is effective for small areas such as upper lip and eyebrows. Threading is ideal even for sensitive skin, although it may cause irritation and redness as several hairs are plucked out by the root at the same time. When done correctly, threading removes an entire row of hairs at once. Results can last up to six weeks.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal technique is an advanced and high-tech method that targets hair follicles with heat from the laser, which damages them to prevent hair growth in future. However, it is an expensive hair removal method, but the results are most long-lasting. Laser hair removal technique is ideal for any area on the body. But it requires multiple sessions of treatment for several months to achieve the best results. It is the safest method when carried out by a professional dermatologist who is trained in using the equipment effectively as well as possesses extensive knowledge regarding skin. Keep in mind that laser when performed by an inexperienced person, it can damage your skin. Within about six months the hair growth reduces by 50 percent. It requires periodic maintenance treatment.

IPL Technology

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light Technology uses a broad spectrum of light having multiple wavelengths which means it contains more unfocused energy around the hair and skin area. IPL is highly effective when it comes to treat the appearance of superficial broken capillaries.


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