How Infused Extra Virgin Blood Orange Olive Oil Is Made And How To Store It

Blood oranges are well-known for their distinctive flavor and their more potent, decadent citrus aroma. Are you a fan of blood oranges? Would you like to find a way to add them to your recipes? Well, try blood orange-infused olive oil from Sonoma Farm, which brings the vibrant citrus flavor of blood oranges into your kitchen in a form that’s easy to add to your dishes.


It can bring the real flavor of blood oranges into an array of baked goods like brownies, cookies, cakes, or cupcakes. It also makes a wonderful topping for vanilla ice cream. Try a drizzle of this oil over citrus salads, cooked chicken, pork, or seafood. Use it to jazz up steamed or roasted carrots or beets. Blend it with a variety of flavored balsamic vinegar for sensational salad dressings. And this oil handles heat well, so long as you stay below the smoke point, meaning you can use this oil in pan-frying or baking.

Blood oranges isolated on white background

It’s always important, as a consumer, to know as much as you can about the different elements that can affect the quality of infused oils, such as Sonoma Farms blood orange olive oil. Everything from how the oil was stored and where and how the ingredients were grown can have a significant impact on the quality of the finished product. So, it’s important to know the processes that the supplier used and how they affect what you buy. This helps you make an informed decision on the quality of an infused oil. To illustrate, let’s look at a few of the factors that can impact the quality of your blood orange olive oil:

Region of Production

Where the red blood oranges and olive oil are produced is a significant factor in the quality of the resulting infused oil. Simply put, some regions are more suitable than others for the production of certain ingredients. In the case of blood oranges and the olives used in oil production, the best growing locations are sunny with significant amounts of precipitation. That perfectly describes the Mediterranean region, and that’s why it’s the region best known for producing quality olive oil.

Homemade fruit cake. Blood orange slices on cake served on oak board

Harvest Methods

Blood oranges and olives should always be harvested at the peak of their ripeness. The best blood orange olive oil manufacturers, like Sonoma Farm, take care that the fruit never even hits the ground before reaching the mill to be processed!And they map out the sequence of both the harvest and the olive oil production, so that the ingredients are synchronized to ensure that the blood orange olive oil is made while both the olives and the blood oranges are at their very best. 

Post-Production Storage

An infused blood orange olive oil is ideally stored in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks before being bottled to keep the oil at its peak quality. Once this infused extra virgin olive oil is transferred into bottles and other retail containers, they are stored in dark, coolareas. This is because infused oils generally don’t have an extensive shelf life – they’re usually best consumed within a year from the pressing date. Keepingyour olive oil in a dark location helps you attain the maximum shelf life and lets you enjoy the bright flavor of your blood orange-infused olive oil for as long as possible.


For more detailed information about the sourcing of the ingredients for their blood orange olive oil, contact Sonoma Farm. You’ll find their quality is unmatched, and they have an extensive selection of hand-crafted, flavor-infused olive oils and other products designed to bring exciting new flavors to your food. And you can even order their blood orange olive oil in bulk, letting you save even more and enjoy the powerful citrus notes of blood orange olive oil in your dishes for months.

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