How To Clean Vinyl Records Easily?

Generally, a record is a vinyl or shellac plastic piece with some grooves. You might be thinking of getting it cleaned in a washing machine. Or you can use any cleaning solutions used at home or just water. Even you browse the internet and look for DIY tips on how to clean vinyl records to find convenient and affordable solutions.

The record is a plastic piece containing microgrooves and will be played by a costly cartridge with a diamond stylus cut in a highly complex way. The record should be clean to play as it was cut and keep the functionality of your expensive cartridge. This cartridge has an actual life of a little more than 1000 hours.

You need to remember that playing a record is a perfect way to render static on its surface, which will attract more dust with more power. So look at some essential things to keep your record playing well.

  • First, you need to clean the records as soon as dust and biological dirt build up on the grooves.
  • Secondly, it’s essential to disinfect the record. 
  • Thirdly, the cleaning solutions should not be in the grooves, which will worsen things. 

You might be thinking about why clean the records. You can use the brush to clean it. But it’s an excellent way to collect some heavy dust. There is no good way to lift the dust particles from the surface. A brush won’t be good enough to clean well.

You can use the Spray & Wipe Solution at CHISTO or an expensive brush by Japanese Jelco to make the cleaning as effortless and effective as possible. In most situations, you can scratch the dust in the groove gently.

Again you want to choose from the vacuum and manual cleaning to keep your record clean. But the decision is up to you. You have to select your budget or lifestyle. You can get both types of cleaning solutions. What matters are the dust volume and the time?

If you have just a few records, you can use the manual Spray & Wipe solution. But, if you have more, a good vacuum machine is right for you. Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for records, but cleaning just records takes lots of time and is a bit expensive. So, you need to choose the CHISTO Easy Groove Solutions when thinking about how to clean vinyl records.

What Makes CHISTO Easy Groove Solutions Perfect for Vinyl Record Cleaning? 

They are perfect for different types of records. 

CHISTO Easy Groove Solutions are tried and tested to deliver outstanding results.

They use such a powerful antistatic agent that the static eliminating time on the record surface is close to zero.

CHISTO always tries to add excellent and safe antibacterial and fungicide components to the solutions. They will ensure that your records remain fresh for longer and that they are healthy for your family. However, you know how thousands of records usually smell, and there might be a possibility that bacteria are still alive inside.

Bottom Line –

Want to know how to clean vinyl records in detail? Feel free to check out an exclusive range of record cleaning solutions available for sale at CHISTO and make the right purchase.