How To Enjoy The Wadi Rum Tour And Camp Under The Glittering Sky

Red stone and alien rock formations on the ground, the tents and camps, and the sparkling night sky are what we know as the Martian desert on Earth – the Wadi Rum. It is possible to experience peace and silence far off from the city when here. You cannot miss having a Wadi Rum tour and camp experience when you are on vacation to Jordan.


The camping experience waiting in Wadi Rum

You may have camping trips in Norway or Scotland; however, camping in a desert called Wadi Rum is definitely different. The romantic feel, the stars, the vast desert and the freedom, make the difference. You will not see Scottish grass or wandering sheep but will be amidst the silky sand and the unusual formation of orange rocks. The only “hotels” to stay in Wadi Rum are tents and camps. The campsites vary, starting from the traditional ones to the luxurious ones. Where to stay depends how lavish you desire your stay at Wadi Rum to be.


Where to stay in Wadi Rum

There are various options open for camping when touring Wadi Rum. First, you can stay at Bedouin camps. They set up tents having proper beds and bathrooms and serve local delicacies. Second, you can camp on your own; however, the best option is to be with a reputed tour operator who has designated tents and camps where you can stay. You can choose a tent or camp depending on your necessities and budget. However, whichever option you select is not expensive and has the best amenities and local food.


The tents of tour operators traditionally have a simple set-up; they are simple but comfortable and near to nature. You can expect to have peaceful and affordable accommodation in a friendly setting when you are in these tents. There are not many tents, so book early if you wish to spend a night in the Martian desert and even enjoy the pleasure and romanticism of sleeping under the glittering sky full of stars. It is for certain that the adventure, romanticism, closeness to nature, and hospitality you can experience during camping in Wadi Rum is not possible to have while camping in Norway or Scotland.

What to do in Wadi Rum 

Camping is a part of the Wadi Rum tour. However, there is a lot more to do in the desert. The trip is not only to enjoy the hospitality and luxurious arrangement at the camp.


The desert tour on jeeps organized by reputed tour operators will make it possible to be at the Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon, Red Sand dunes, view the Burdah Arch, and climb to the Um Fourth Arch, Lawrence house, Anfishieh rock Inscriptions, and end at sunset in the famous sunset spot.

The best activity to try at night is stargazing. The display in the sky is spectacular, and definitely, wake up for the sunrise!

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If you desire to have such a tour and camping experience in Wadi Rum, it is wise to contact Rum Magic Nights. They are a reputed tour operator and local Bedouin. Call them at +962 7 9525 3447 to plan your trip to Wadi Rum.