How To Plan Catering For A Large Event (Wedding)

Many couples are now opting for more intimate weddings, a smaller guest list, a more concise spread, and maybe the best destination venue. Do you want to have a feast that astounds the eyes as well as the taste buds? It is highly recommended to read on & find out the Pearland catering for planning a significant wedding event.

Get a Grip on Your Numbers

Do you want to cater to a big party? Get your guest numbers down as soon as feasible! Before they can provide you with an appropriate price, a caterer needs to be aware of these. Therefore, be careful to compile a guest list and send out RSVP requests as soon as you can. Of course, the magnitude of your event and the available funds will determine how much you can spend.

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Set Your Budget Early

Understanding your budget is also crucial because it will determine the kinds of menus you like to choose. Most wedding caterers in Houston charge by the head, although many of them give discounts for larger groups.

The most important catering tip for a big party is, of course, that you can save money by selecting a less expensive menu. For example, vegetarian options will always be more affordable than non-vegetarian ones at a wedding.

Create a Schedule for the Day

Not all of our tips for corporate event catering are about the food itself. Knowing the schedule for your wedding event is also key, as your caterer will need to work around this.

If there are scheduled speakers or activities throughout the day, your menu should reflect this. So snacks or appetizers should be ready to serve once the speakers have finished, and dinner will come out after your drinks.

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Choose Between a Buffet or Table Service

When it comes to serving a large group of people, the big question is: do you go for a buffet or table service? Your money will have a big impact on this because a buffet is far less expensive than table service. However, a large group involves impatient guests. A good Buffet or Table Service provides a place to serve warm dishes along with your tables. It makes things easier for the chefs, waits for staff, and guests.

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Take a Look at Your Menu Options

Your menu choice is critical for your wedding event, and your wedding catering in Houston will offer you a range of different options. The right one for you depends on your budget and the type of event that you are throwing. They provide a range of dishes and desserts. It’s up to you to decide how much your guests will need to eat.

Check on Dietary Restrictions

verifying dietary requirements for the convenience and security of your guests is a nice idea to please the guests. This should be mentioned on your invitations, or each RSVP should include this information. If a guest hasn’t expressed any needs at all, it’s a good idea to reply to the RSVP double-checking since some people forget to disclose their requirements. This will avoid drama on the day! Quality Houston catering can easily accommodate your guests’ dietary requirements. However, it is worth checking whether or not this will add to the cost of the meal.


There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to organizing wedding catering. Trust the judgment of The Heights Catering and experience how the wedding guests feel satisfied at events. If you have paid them to cater to 200 guests, all 200 people should leave the table feeling satisfied. However, you should keep these topmost tips in mind, and you can’t go wrong! Are you ready to book a catering company for your event? Then get in touch with The Heights Catering today to speak to a member of their team. They’re here to help!