Jacques Azagury Most Favorite Designed Dresses of Princess Diana

Jacques Azagury is a Moroccan-born fashion designer who has dressed some of the most glamorous women in the world – from BAFTA winners and Burlesque dancers to Rock Stars and International Royalty. Studied at the London College of Fashion and St Martin’s School of Art, and running his flagship store in London’s Knightsbridge, Azagury has also created a line of clothes for Princess Diana.


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The museum displays all the important pieces from Diana’s life. There are over 29 articles of clothing, including never seen shoes and dresses she ever wore as a baby, garments she wore as a teenager, and most significantly the iconic Versace Atelier dress she wore on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

From her beautiful wedding dress to her ‘revenge dress,’ the people’s princess rocked some seriously gorgeous gowns throughout the ’80s and ’90s.


Jacques Azagury met Princess Diana in London in 1987, when he was exhibiting a fall/winter collection. British Vogue editor Anna Harvey introduced them. She said, “Jacques I have someone I would like you to meet,” and I looked and Princess Diana was standing there.

“And this was really exciting for me,” said Azagury. She had her eye on a dress and 21 days later, I got a call from the Royal Palace asking, ‘Would you mind if Princess Diana came to see the dress again because she liked it?’


And that is how I got to design the first dress for the princess and the relationship carried on right up until the last dress I made for her just before she was leaving for Paris.

Some of the selection of Jacques Azagury’s favorite dresses for Princess Diana is:

  • Black Chantilly Lace Dress

This dress was a gift from Jacques to Diana, Princess of Wales, on her 36th birthday, 1 July 1997. The dress was hand-embroidered with tiny sequins and beads from satin straps. It was worn by the Princess to the Tate Gallery.

  • Red Silk Georgette Column Dress

This beautiful red dress was worn by Princess Diana to the Red Cross Ball Gala dinner in Washington on 18 June 1997. The dress features a deep V cut into the back, a hand-beaded bodice of red bugle beads carried a long red skirt with a sash of silk georgette worn around the waist. The sash was trimmed at both ends in red bugle beads.

  • Ice Blue Silk Georgette Shift Dress

The ice blue dress was worn by the Princess to the Royal Gala Performance of Swan Lake at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 3rd June 1997. the dress was hand beaded with crystal bugle beads, set off by ‘Hepburnesque’ bows on the dress straps.

  • Long Black Silk Georgette Dress

This elegant looking black dress was worn by the Princess first in London in September 1995, and again in New York for the Cancer Research Ball the following December. The dress features a long fishtail hem and the empire line bodice is of sequinned corded lace.


Princess Diana was a fashion icon, and this is just a sneak-peek at some of her amazing outfits. If you want to explore Diana’s other mesmerizing looks, sign up for The Princess Diana Museum today by visiting theprincessandtheplatypus.org.

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