N95 and KN95 Protection Masks – The Similarities

COVID -19 pandemic spread has affected several lives throughout the world. One of the basic medical supplies that are high in demand these days is N95 respirator masks. But due to shortage in its supply the FDA announced that approved KN95 protection masks are an acceptable substitute of N95 masks in order to ensure that American healthcare workers have the protective equipment they require.

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So what is the difference between N95 masks and KN95 respiratory masks? Is the KN95 mask equivalent to N95 mask? And the most important question here is how to know if you are buying the genuine mask? Let us find out answers to these questions below –

N95 Respirator Masks

Masks that are rated N95 or higher provide maximum protection i.e. it filters out 99% of airborne pathogens. The N95 respirator masks have been evaluated, tested and approved by NIOSH. The tight fit and user seal check requirement features of these masks make these highly effective as it reduces exposure to airborne particles which includes large, small droplets as well as small particle aerosols. By wearing these masks properly one can reduce the risk of disease transmission; that is why, medical workers have been advised to wear N95 respirator masks while handling patients.


  • Usually, N95 respirator masks are made for use in construction site jobs where workers are exposed to small particles and dust.
  • N95 masks designed for medical use are meant for single use and are disposable.


KN95 Protection Masks

KN95 protection masks are suitable alternatives of N95 masks or we can say are equivalent to it. According to sources, the KN95 mask is comparable to the N95 mask on the basis of filter performance, flow rate, total inward leakage, inhalation resistance, exhalation resistance and pressure drop.

Important Notes about Face Masks

  • KN95 protection masks and N95 masks are not meant for general public use.
  • These masks are available only for medical workers and first responders.
  • If you are a health worker or healthcare professional and need approved KN95 masks for your staff then make sure to order these from a reputable supplier.

COVID-19 Prevention Tips

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wash your hands using hand wash or soap frequently
  • Cover you face while sneezing and coughing using cloth or handkerchief.
  • Keep your surrounding clean and sanitized.
  • Stay Home Stay Safe!


Disinfecting Machines provide approved KN95 protections masks that are capable of filtering out 99% of airborne particles; hence keeping you safe from disease transmission.


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