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Noisy Garage Doors – The Common Causes (How To Fix Them)

Are you dealing with a loud garage door? Your garage door should improve your quality of life and make it simpler. So it’s important to address any unusual sounds as soon as possible. It will keep your door in top working condition. Here are some typical issues that create garage door’s noises.

Improper Installation

Do you hear some loud grinding, rattling, or squealing sound that comes out of your garage door? it may be installed improperly. A loose chain may be indicated by slapping noises. vibrating, rumbling, or rattling sounds happen due to lose nuts or bolts. The door might open slowly and there could be damage to the springs or other components.

If your previous installers installed your garage door incorrectly, you will need it reinstalled to fix the issues. Request a professional garage door repair in Maryland that has experience in the work.

Worn Rollers

The sound may happen due to damaged rollers. The garage door could come off its tracks and make a squeaking, screaming, or vibrating noise. Depending on the type of rollers you have, you may need to lubricate or replace them with plastic, steel, or nylon rollers. Rollers made of nylon are quieter and last exactly as long as rollers made of steel.

If you find that you do need to replace your rollers, it is recommended to contact a professional garage door repair in Maryland right away. They ensure proper installation and maintain your door’s alignment.

Poor Lubrication

Your garage door will work more smoothly if all parts are properly oiled. Lubrication helps prevent rust and corrosion that can lead to squeaking, grinding, clinking, and rattling sounds. The sounds of an improperly lubricated garage door usually indicate that you need to lubricate more often or the areas that are only partially covered.

Your lubricant may last longer if you use a higher-quality brand or a different kind of spray or grease. To keep your door functioning properly, it’s best to oil it every six months using silicone spray or white lithium grease. Areas to lubricate include:

  • The rollers and hinges.
  • Springs and bearing plates.
  • The armbar and top rail.
  • The door lock.

Off-Balance Door

It can be easy to tell when your door is off-balance. Scraping sounds indicate that your door is scraping against your house. Banging noises mean the door is off the track and popping sounds indicate snapped springs. An uneven appearance, closing after being manually opened, not opening at all, and a slow response time are some of the common signs of an off-balance door.

An off-balance door can cause serious injury. Snapped extensions or torsion springs can result in hazards. You need a professional garage door repair in Maryland to fix the spring, belt & other hazardous moving element in the garage door. You can trust ABC Garage Door Repair to deliver quick and safe results.


One of the most crucial components of your system is your garage door opener. You can stay on time and enter or exit your home safely with the aid of a swift and dependable opener. We sometimes overlook the convenience that openers bring to our lives even though they can last up to 10 to 15 years. Sounds of straining, grinding or buzzing can indicate that your opener is failing.

Your opening problems might be swiftly resolved by upgrading your technology. Newer models now offer remote operation, keypads, backup batteries, and additional security. ABC Garage Door Repair offers multiple garage door opener options available to give you a long-lasting and safe experience.

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