Princess Diana and Her Signature Hairdo – A Sneak Peek!

The People’s Princess, Diana is still known for her huge heart. But there is something special about her hair that was admired by all. Princess Diana was no doubt a fashion icon in her time and it can be easily understood from her style of dressing, which is still relevant today. Be it her outfits or her jewelry, fans always wanted to copy everything about her look which included her signature hairdo.

Princess, Diana

Princess Diana used to change her hairstyle slightly over the years. However, each time she altered it, she made headlines. The personal hairstylist of Princess Diana, Richard Dalton revealed how the two of them tactically planned her haircuts and never cut too much at a time in an interview.

The Princess of Wales used to speak plenty to her hairdresser Richard Dalton, whom she saw almost every day. However, keeping respect for her sons, the hairdresser shared a very few details about the Princess’s life with the public.

Kevin Shanley, Richard’s co-worker is the one who first created the iconic short and feathered hairdo of Diana and also styled her hair for her grand wedding to Prince Charles. However, it was Dalton who maintained her look for daily events as well as the first hair cuts to young Prince William and Prince Harry. In the interview to Town & Country he said – ” I was with her every day for 12 years.”

Princess, Diana

He also recalls how the Princess of Wales wanted a shorter style for convenience before going on board on a tour of Africa. However, instead of going it in one session, she and Dalton planned to make the modification more subtle.

He explained in his interview that – “Whatever I did to her hair became front page news. We had to be very careful. We had to do it one-fourth of an inch at a time over several weeks.” Even with their watchful efforts, the press still picked up on ever-budding hairstyling of Diana.

Her Hairstyle Got her in Trouble with Queen Elizabeth

Diana once wasn’t that careful about changing her hairstyle which got her into some trouble with The Queen Elizabeth, her mother in law. Just after giving birth to prince Harry, Princess Diana’s hair grew a bit longer and she decided to debut her new look at a major royal event and she stole the show! That is what got her into trouble!

The narrator for H.M The Queen: A Remarkable Life said – “[Diana] had this incredible new hairstyle and this very important dignified occasion – which is all part of the process of being the sovereign – was just blown out of the window because all the newspapers and the televisions really concentrated on Diana’s hairstyle. Now, this I was told really close to the time really infuriated the queen. She didn’t mind Diana having a new haircut – that wasn’t the point. The point was that by introducing it on the day of the Opening of Parliament, she took all the emphasis away from the dignity of the occasion. That was not very good for democracy and for the House of Windsor.”

Princess, Diana

After this incident, Diana was much more vigilant when it came to changing her look in a dramatic way.



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