Princess Diana photographed by David Bailey

Welcome to the Princess Diana Museum, the museum has the largest collection in the world. Explore beautiful personal and historical artifacts of the princess in this museum. There are over 1,700 collections. Every item is displayed using advanced technology so that visitors get to see everything in detail. The museum has collections from Princess Diana’s childhood to her death.

The best part is that you can now explore the museum virtually at your home comfortably. There will be a virtual tour guide to guide you inside the museum in English or Spanish. Just you need access and that’s it. You can get access for a day, a week, or for a month as per your choice. You will have access 24/7, you can visit the museum anytime at your convenience. The access will help us to fundraise. The Princess & The Platypus Foundation is a charity with a mission of fundraising to acquire, loan, maintain, preserve, educate, and display items of Princess Diana.


You will enjoy your museum visit for sure. So, without waiting for more get access to the museum and explore beautiful displays displayed in 2D Or 3D style. In case you need any help, we are there to help.

David Bailey: There are many individuals and artists who interviewed Princess Diana like Richard Dalton, John Minihan, Barry Iverson, Jeffrey Archer, and many others. David Bailey also photographed Princess Diana.

So, what will you find inside the museum? Take a look around.

  • First of all you will be guided by the virtual avatar through the 14 galleries displaying alluring items.
  • There will also be a live location map to guide you.
  • There will also be a chat feature where you can chat with other visitors to the museum and share experiences.
  • You can also listen to personal interviews with many persons that are connected to the items displayed.
  • You will get to see beautiful designer gowns with detail.

We hope that this will unite people from all over the globe and promote the desire to “give back”.


Are you excited to see important pieces from Princess Diana’s life? The museum has more than 29 clothes along with never seen shoes and dresses Princess Diana wore during her lifetime.

Do you have some stories to share with us? Feel free to. You can share personal items and mementos to sell, loan, or donate if you have any. We will preserve them in our museum.

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