Reasons For Bent Garage Door Tracks: What To Do Now

Bents on garage door tracks are a common sight because they weigh hundreds of pounds and need a lot of movement. It is very normal for the parts to deteriorate or even break down occasionally due to their regular use. It is imperative to rectify these twisted tracks right away to ensure optimal garage door functionality. Depending on the extent of the damage, replacing some of the tracks is necessary to fix a garage door with bent tracks.


Reasons for Bent Garage Door Tracks 

  • Obstruction 

The motion of the cables and rollers in a garage door can frequently be impeded by obstructions such as dirt, sand, or other grits. The tracks may bend as a result of this tension.

  • Damaged Cables

Often, cables pull and maintain the garage door’s operation. There will be a lot of unsupported weight on the garage door tracks if one of them is damaged, which could cause bends.

  • Impact 

The majority of bends on garage door tracks are caused by the impact that homeowners’ automobiles leave behind. It is your responsibility to cease using your garage door and have it inspected by a professional if you notice damage to the tracks. If damage persists, this could result in the garage door coming off its track.

Independently inspecting the garage door tracks.

You can undo the bolts holding the track in place if you see that it is bent. After making sure you don’t take them out, carefully tap the track back into a vertical position. To straighten them, use a pair of pliers. It is advisable to tighten the bolts back into place after the track has been straightened.

Reapplying the door

The tracks have a curved side and a straight angle, as you can see. Make sure the track’s straight side is toward the wall when you reattach it. For the threads to protrude through the track brackets, the bolt heads must be flushed inside the tracks. Once the fixing is complete, tighten the bolts firmly.

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Repair it yourself 

The bents of the garage door tracks can be repaired by DIY process. You need to have a claw hammer to bring back the track into its best shape. Should this method fail, you will have to replace it with a new one. You can ask one of the leading garage doors bent track repair companies in MD. We can help you here and replace the tracks at a cost-effective price. We reinstall the track, ensuring that you keep adequate track spacing for the track to function properly.

Always pay attention to bent tracks. While they might function for a while, they have the potential to cause significant harm over time, which could result in expensive issues. Fixing the garage door bent track is a complicated process and requires professional expertise. If your garage door tracks are bent, then it’s best you connect with professional experts like Montop Garage Door. For more information, connect with Montop Garage Door which specialize in everything related to garage doors.