Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles – A Few Fun Facts for You!

The Royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was one of the most talked about events of that time. There is so much that makes this wedding unconventional and unusual. You can discover a lot about the grand royal wedding on display online 24/7 at The Princess Diana Museum. Before you visit the largest online collection for relishing the several aspects of Princess Diana’s life, have a look at some of the fun and interesting facts about the royal wedding below:


  • Diana and Charles Met Only 13 Times Before their Wedding

As per Diana she met Prince Charles just 13 times before getting married. They were first introduced in 1977 when Charles was dating Lady Sarah, older sister of Diana. Charles then proposed to Diana after his short-lived courtship with her sister in February 1981. Although the union seemed to be a perfect and fairytale match but they were still in the acquaintance period trying to understand each other which was difficult due to invasive glare of the media and the high expectations placed on them.

  • Both Diana and Charles were doubtful About the Union

Princess Diana and Prince Charles expressed their doubts about their relationship and union ahead of the wedding.

  • Since 1660, Diana was the first British citizen to tie the knot with the heir to the throne.
  • Since 1501, the wedding was marked as the first royal wedding held at St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  • About 750 million people in 74 countries all over the world tuned in to watch the royal nuptials.
  • 27 wedding cakes were offered to about 3500 guests that included First Lady Nancy Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly.
  • The vows taken by the Royal couple were untraditional in several ways. One of the untraditional instances is when Diana and Charles requested to omit the word “obey” from their vows.
  • After exchanging the vows Charles forgot to kiss Diana at the altar as he was nervous. However, to make up for the missed opportunity the couple shared a post wedding kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Indeed an unconventional wedding!
  • The royal wedding dress of Diana had a 25-foot long train, which was the longest of any royal wedding dress. Her wedding gown was crafted out of ivory silk taffeta and embroidered with frilled lace, sequins and 10,000 pearls. Also, an 18-karat gold horseshoe was hidden in the gown’s label by the dress designers for good luck.
  • A few moments before, Princess Diana spilled Quelques Fleurs perfume on her dress while she was trying to daub the scent onto her wrists! For hiding the stain, Daly advised the Princess to hold the spot on her gown as if lifting it to avoid stepping on the train! That’s something really fun!

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