Summit to Safari: Unveiling the Best Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari Packages

Discover the heart of Africa with Tanzania’s unmatched natural beauty and cultural wealth. Home to the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, the expansive Serengeti, and the pristine beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania is a treasure trove of adventure and discovery. From the adrenaline rush of climbing Africa’s highest peak to the serenity of a family safari adventure, Tanzania welcomes all with open arms. Dive into an experience filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, rich traditions, and unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Tanzania is best known for hosting Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater, and the Serengeti. Tanzania offers numerous trekking and adventure opportunities, as well as chances to engage with local communities through our charity trips. The country conjures up imagery of wide-open spaces and time-honored tribal cultures. A Tanzania family safari adventure offers an experience unlike any other. It is perfect for adventure-seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, and those looking to immerse themselves in a new culture.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and one of the Seven Summits of the world. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a natural wonder that attracts thousands of climbers every year. Climbing Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb, but it requires physical fitness, mental stamina, and proper preparation. There are several routes to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Tanzania Balloon Safari

The benefits of trekking in a small group on Mount Kilimanjaro are many compared to climbing alone. Group climbing packages allow travelers to join and share the fun with buddies or family members. Group treks facilitate the sharing of ideas for climbing Kilimanjaro successfully. Choosing the optimal route is one of the most important aspects when planning a Kilimanjaro expedition. Some of the most popular routes are:

Lemosho Route: This is a scenic and relatively quiet route that starts from the west side of the mountain. It takes 7 to 9 days and offers a high success rate and good acclimatization.

Machame Route: This is a challenging and rewarding route that starts from the south side of the mountain. It takes 6 to 7 days and offers stunning views and diverse landscapes.

Marangu Route: This is the oldest and most established route that starts from the east side of the mountain. It takes 5 to 6 days and offers comfortable huts and a gradual ascent.

Rongai Route: This is a remote and less crowded route that starts from the north side of the mountain. It takes 6 to 8 days and offers a wilderness experience and a chance to see wildlife.

Umbwe Route: This is the steepest and shortest route that starts from the south side of the mountain. It takes 4 to 5 days and offers a thrilling and adventurous climb.

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