Take Princess Diana Virtual Museum Tour to Celebrate Her Enduring Legacy

Do you want to celebrate Princess Diana’s enduring legacy? Why don’t you take a virtual tour to the Princes Diana Museum! The Princess Diana Museum is a joint initiative with The Princess & The Platypus Foundation. This virtual museum showcases the most extensive collection of Princess Diana’s personal items on display.

This public charity fundraises to acquire, loan, preserve and display the historic and cultural items of Princess Diana and serves to support the charities founded in her honor. Taking a virtual tour to this museum, you will find an interactive 3D layout displaying different items depicting her lifestyle.

Every user can navigate the display with a local map and get assistance from virtual avatars who will guide them through the virtual museum. There are two different language options i.e. English and Spanish. You’ll find a community chat and video facility, allowing users to share their real-time experiences.

In addition, you can get access to over 40 exclusive interviews with friends, artists, designers and close collaborators to Princess Diana. They will give you a more authentic and exceptional insight into her lifestyle. The Princess Diana Museum is the only virtual museum that contains over 1,700 carefully curated collections of iconic, personal and historic artifacts throughout Princess Diana’s life – from her early childhood to her tragic death.

All of her personalized artifacts depict her incredible life and showcase her enduring legacy, and are displayed in a 3D interactive environment. The main objective of this virtual journey is to unite people from all over the world and inspire everyone to treat others with kindness and help others profusely without any expectations like Princess Diana.

What Will You Get Inside The Princess Diana Museum?

  • A virtual avatar in the virtual museum will guide you in English or Spanish language through the fourteen galleries that display the never-seen-before clothing and historic artifacts from Princess Diana’s childhood through her life. You’ll be provided with ample carefully-curated information.
  • A live location map is available to help you throughout the Princess Diana Virtual Museum tour.
  • A community chat feature is given to get in touch with other museum guests in real time through text messages, chats or videos.
  • Take this opportunity to listen to the exclusive personal interviews of many individuals and artists connected to the historical artifacts on the display. You’ll learn a unique story about each piece in their words. It’s truly magical to hear.
  • The personal interviews available in The Princess Diana Museum are of Richard Dalton, John Minihan, David Sassoon, Roland Klein, Richard Young, Jacques Azagury, Karen Santry, John Swannell, Victor Edelstein, Jenni Revitt, Caroline Charles, Jeffrey Archer, Barbara Hamilton, Mervyn Wycherley, Pegasus, Bill Mundy and Barry Iverson.
  • Besides, you will get to see the iconic designer gowns beautifully showcased with incredible details personifying Diana’s legacy as a Princess.

Bottom Line –

At The Princess Diana Museum, we aim to provide an extensive curated collection of historical artifacts of Princess Diana – from childhood to her tragic death. Take a virtual tour to The Princess Diana Virtual Museum from the comfort and convenience of your desktop, laptop or tablet computer anywhere around the world.

You’ll instant 24/7 online accessibility and won’t need to stand in lines and wait for your turn. For more information, please visit our website at https://princessdianamuseum.org/.

You can follow along on Facebook + Instagram as we showcase more behind-the-scenes of The Princess & Platypus Foundation head to the UK!


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