The Enjoyment At Amman During Winter

An individual who feels weak at the knees over traveling in winters and would truly need to take their adoration for visit on a high note, Jordan is the most prescribed alternative! Have a taste from your cup of warm espresso or hot cocoa and make the most of your ride in the great places in Jordan or in the event that you love it inside, at that point you can appreciate the comfort of your lodging and have delight from the sizzlers and soups served by the master culinary specialists. On the off chance that you have a noisy voyaging bug inside, at that point you can go somewhat off the track and appreciate a portion of the exciting and nerve-wracking exercises too. You can weave recollections during winter in Jordan in this manner!

For some individuals, the city of Amman is only a stopover while in transit to the more acclaimed locales of Petra, the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum.

Nevertheless, Amman has such a great amount to offer guests! It is a blend of old world and new world with its advanced bistros, artisanship displays, antiquated remains, hip bars and clamoring souks. I would prescribe going through at least two days exploring the city or at least a full day during your time in Jordan. It is additionally an incredible hopping off point for a great deal of days trips. You can look at the tour schedule for visiting Jordan of various reputed tour operators, which incorporates day trips from Amman, just as different tips.


Things to Do in Amman, Jordan:

Watch the dusk from the Citadel

One of my preferred activities in Amman is to watch the dusk from on the Citadel, which gives extensive perspectives over the city. The view is especially excellent at golden hour and nightfall when the sun shines delicate orange, red and pink tones over the remnants of the Citadel and the encompassing cityscape. One of the most notable locales in Amman, the Citadel sits on the most elevated of the seven slopes that make up Amman, Jabal al-Qal’ a. It is a short stroll from downtown, but a precarious one. Try not to miss the Jordan Archaeological Museum while you are there also!

There is an entry fee you have to pay for visiting the citadel. The entry cost is 2.82 USD.

Opening times: It depends on the time that you visit Amman. During winter, it opens at 8 AM and remains open until 5 PM. On Fridays and official holidays, it is open from 9 AM to 4 PM.

It is in Jabal al-Qal’ a (close to downtown)

Travel back in time seating on the steps of the Roman Amphitheater

Close to the Citadel and downtown territory of Amman is the Amman Roman Theater, which is another notable site that you ought not to miss on a visit to Amman. The 6,000-seat theater goes back to Roman occasions when people used to call Amman Philadelphia. During your time living in Amman, you will love to sit on the steps on a bright winter day and read. In the mid-year there are in some cases shows in the theater itself. It merits checking with the Jordan Tourism office before your outing to check whether any will be on.

There is likewise an entry fee and it is 3 USD.

Opening times: It depends on the time of your visit but in general it is from 8 AM to 5 PM.

It is in the downtown area.


Watch an open-air film

Though not suitable during winter months but in the mid-year months, the Royal Film Commission in Amman screens films from everywhere throughout the world in an open-air amphitheater. Situated on Jabal Amman, the area gives an excellent background of downtown and the Citadel. Following the screenings, the Royal Film Commission, for the most part, has dialogs and discussions with the general population and in some cases even the movie chiefs themselves.

You need to be at the Royal Film Commission, Jabal Amman to have the pleasure of watching such a cinema.

Look at the street drawing of downtown Amman

Road workmanship is a generally new thing in Jordan, yet astounding works have begun to spring up everywhere throughout the city. You can find a ton of extraordinary pieces in downtown Amman and you can see those while visiting different locales in the zone. A portion of the messages behind pieces are intriguing, while others are absolutely tastefully engaging and add a dynamic quality to a city loaded up with beige hued structures. While street art is progressively being increasingly acknowledged in Amman, it’s yet a district saturated with custom and specialists need to direct away from anything strict, political or disputable.

Eat Shawerma at Reem

You cannot visit Jordan without attempting Shawerma and one of the most loved spots among local people in Amman is Reem. Situated in “the second circle”, this small family-run joint, with its outside retail facade, is continually siphoning out shawarma. Are you confused about what shawarma is? Initially Greek or Turkish, it is fundamentally marinated meat grilled on an upstanding stick, at that point shaved off in bits and overflowed with a pita with different fillings. What makes it so one of a kind at Reem is the marinade for the meat, which is a mystery that only family members of family eatery currently know. For just about a dollar, you also can encounter the well-known Shawerma at Reem!

It is in the second circle, search for a small red structure with a line out front

Visit the Mosque Abu Darwish

My preferred mosque in Amman is the Ted Burton-esque, Abu Darwish mosque. It is on one of the city’s seven slopes, Jebel al-Ashrafiyeh, and commissioned by King Hussein and inherent 1961. Though working in a customary Levantine style, yet the highly contrasting alternate striped stone makes it so novel. Non-Muslims are not as a rule allowed inside yet the perspectives from outside are sufficient to make it worth visiting.

It is in Jabal al-Ashrafiyeh

Splash at a Turkish shower

While absorbing Turkish showers or Hammams as they are additionally known is a typical convention in many Middle Eastern urban areas, there isn’t, in reality, a lot of in Amman. The best spot to enjoy such and have pampering in Amman is at the Al Pasha Turkish Bath. There are isolated times for male and female access, however, you can book ahead as a blended gathering or a couple. Call for subtleties at 06 463 3002.

From 25 JD or 35 USD, you can have a proper bath and relax.

It is open from 9 AM to 2 AM and you can last reserve at midnight.

It is in Al Pasha Turkish Bath, Al Mahmoud Taha St. Close to Jabal Amman and Rainbow Street.


Walk around the shops of downtown Amman

Downtown Amman, or Al Balad as additionally known, is no shy of shops and bistros. You can purchase generally weaved garments, make your own scent, purchase flavors, eat desserts, or simply watch individuals. Like the midtown regions of many Middle Eastern urban areas, it is perfectly clamorous, tangible over-burden and widely inclusive. There are such a large number of shops to find that my best exhortation is to simply meander all through the midtown zone and let you lose all sense of direction in everything!

Explore the Duke’s Diwan

One of my preferred activities in Amman is to visit the Duke’s Diwan, the most established habitation in the city. Leaving the clamoring souks of downtown Amman and venturing up the lopsided stairs of the house, you enter Amman during the 1920s. Everything sits as it generally has – chipped paint, vintage radios and the smell of old books and residue. Every trace of the house loaded up with old updates and stories from every one of the specialists and visionaries who went through to meet and celebrate throughout the years.

Eat Knafeh at Habibah Sweets

The Middle East is no shy of excessively sweet and debauched deserts and you ought to, likely feel free to plan to attempt them all! One of the most well-known desserts in Jordan and the Middle East is Knafeh spelled in an assortment of ways. It is warm cheddar cake absorbed syrup with a string like outside and frequently sprinkled with pistachio. There is a great deal of discussion with respect to WHO precisely makes the best knafeh in Amman. In any case, there is no uncertainty that Habibah Sweets is certainly up there as one of the bests. This you can discover in the lines of individuals standing by to attempt a chomp!

The first shop is downtown, in a back street close to the Duke’s Diwan and Arab Bank, search for the line of individuals.


Visit Al-Husseini Mosque

Another incredible mosque to visit in Amman is the great Al-Husseini mosque in downtown. King Abdullah built the mosque in ottoman style in 1924. On the off chance that you are exploring the midtown territory, you will not have the option to miss this mosque. It is the most established mosque in Amman and has been a primary social affair point in the core of the city.

Avoid the mosque and this zone on Fridays, the primary day of prayer in Islam, until after prayer time. The territory is then extremely occupied.

Eat falafel at Hashem or Al-Quds

A Jordanian most loved is certainly falafel and you are well on the way to have it commonly during your time in the nation. Like Knafeh and numerous other Jordanian specialties, it is profoundly bantered as to exactly WHO serves the best falafel in the city. A most loved among local people and travelers is Hashem in downtown Amman. It is an extraordinary spot to likewise watch individuals and sit among the rushing about of the city. Another well-known spot is Al-Quds falafel, which is on Jabal Amman on Rainbow Street. If you are not certain which one to attempt, you need to go for both!

Visit the Jordan Museum

In the event that historical centers are your thing, at that point the Jordan Museum is an unquestionable requirement find in Amman. Situated in the Ras Al Ain region of Amman, the historical center is the biggest in Jordan and houses a portion of it is the most fascinating ancient rarities. One of the exhibition halls’ most intriguing ancient rarities is the Ain Ghazal statues, which are believed to be the most seasoned human statues each made.

There is an entry fee that you need to pay. The opening time in winter is from 9 AM to 5 PM.

It is in Ras Al Ain zone

Meander Jabal Amman

While Rainbow road is outstanding and comes all-around suggested to visit, it is not my preferred spot on Jabal Amman so I will prescribe some elective spots to visit. One of my preferred spots for lunch is Shams El Balad, which is on Jabal Amman closer to downtown. It has an astounding outside seating territory and the BEST nourishment and espresso. Another extraordinary spot is Trinitae soap house, which has incredible Dead Sea items. There is likewise a decent patio to have tea with a view! Wild Jordan is another pleasant spot to eat with a view. Close by is the Nabad Gallery which has brief artistry displays that merit looking at.


Meander Jabal Al-Weibdeh

Jabal Al-Weibdeh is one of my preferred neighborhoods and a territory that you will love to explore! You can effectively come to from downtown or Jabal Amman and is an incredible territory to go through a morning or early evening time exploration. You will see an alternate air here than in some different pieces of the city – a great deal of expats, a ton of ladies that are not covered, calmer avenues, and you will even hear church ringers. A territory draws in scholars, artisans and the more dynamic horde of Amman.

Thus, you will discover many in vogue bistros like Rumi or Fann wa Chai. Oliva Pizza is an incredible spot to eat in the event that you need an option that is other than Jordanian nourishment. In case you are not over it, head to Abu Mahjoob or Al Khal. I additionally LOVE Jasmine House for better eating. For contemporary Arab workmanship, head over to Darat Al Funun, which comprises of three 1920s estates in a wonderful lavish nursery. There is additionally an incredible little bistro inside!

Appreciate party time at Copas Central

Loads of individuals assume that nobody drinks in the Middle East, which certainly is not valid. There are some decent bars in Amman on the off chance that you need a chilly one in the wake of a monotonous day of strolling and exploring. One of my preferred spots in Amman is Copas Central, which has an incredible 2 for 1 happy hour special on mixed drinks. You will love the lychee mojito! An extremely astounding spot has a Latin vibe to it – with particular Martinique backdrop and Mediterranean tapas.

Attempt argeeleh at Books @ Cafe

No outing to the Middle East or Amman is finished without smoking some argeeleh likewise called as hubbly bubbly, shisha, or hookah at a bistro, like Books @ Cafe. It is a social movement that you will see heaps of Jordanian companions sharing together at bistros and eateries around the city. My preferred flavors are apple, mint or watermelon!

It is in Jabal Amman


Go through an evening in Iraq Al-Amir

Visiting Iraq Al-Amir is unexpected activity in Amman. You will not discover numerous visitors around! Situated in the Jordan Valley, 35 kilometers from downtown Amman, close to the town of Iraq al-Amir is a progression of caverns with Hebrew content connecting them to the Tobaid dynasty in the Old Testament. From the caverns is a local ladies’ cooperative that is a piece of the Queen Noor Foundation that helps ladies in nearby networks in Jordan. Here you can purchase pottery, mats and other lovely crafted works – which you know are made locally. Another feature in Iraq Al-Amir is Qasr al-Abd, which speaks to a special case of Hellenistic Architecture in Jordan. It is additionally a pleasant spot to stop and have an outing, particularly in the spring when the entirety of the wild blossoms is sprouting.

Visit a second-hand market

The Friday Market, or Souk el-Joumea, is a huge open-air second-hand swap meet situated at the edge of downtown in Ras Al Ain. You can effectively go there by taxi. Visiting this market is somewhat “unexpected” for vacationers visiting Amman yet on the off chance that you have the opportunity it is a fascinating spot to visit. Positively it is a spot to explore daily life in Amman. What’s more, in the event that discovering arbitrary second-hand dress is your thing, at that point you can get anything in the market – from underwear to shoes or fur garments.

It is in Ras Al Ain zone


Take a day outing to the Dead Sea

Amman is an extraordinary bouncing off point for a great deal of astounding day outings and a standout amongst others is to the Dead Sea. Found only a little ways from Amman and you can reach the Dead Sea undoubtedly by taxi or public transport. The Dead Sea is the minimal spot on earth at 400 meters beneath sea level and an unquestionable requirement to see on any outing to Jordan. People in general seashore are free however will, in general, be not so spotless, and I have largely not appreciated being in my swimsuit so openly there. Head to the Kempinski or Dead Sea Spa Hotel and utilize their seashore and facilities for the afternoon.

Getting Around Amman

The least demanding approach to get around Amman is by Taxi. Taxicabs are all finished and moderately modest. Ensure the driver turns on the meter or you arrange the value in advance. It can likewise help to know the name of your goal in Arabic. Amman is spread out more than seven slopes so in the event that you know which one you have to get to this regularly assists with headings.

On the off chance that you need to abstain from having to possibly arrange the cost and furthermore have the option to ensure you know where you are going, at that point, Uber is the most effortless approach. I additionally love to utilize Uber on the off chance that I am voyaging alone around evening time.

While Amman is not the place that you can walk around as in other urban areas, on the off chance that you are exploring the midtown territory, a lot of it very well may be finished by foot. A great deal of the midtown territory is sloping and has bunches of stairs so you may think that its simpler to take a mutual taxi up to a portion of the destinations, similar to the Citadel. The shared cabs are typically looking out for a portion of the extreme slopes to take individuals up.


If you desire to explore all these in Amman and in Jordan, altogether it is wise to be with Jordan Private Tours and Travel. You can have the best of exploration while having perfect comfort, safety and enjoyment. Call at +962-79-5022001 to book your place on one such tour of theirs.

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