The photo booth design that all will love to have

It may be your wedding reception or a corporate event; having a photo booth is an excellent idea to have the funniest picture using unique props. All your guests, friends, and family members will love to have their pictures clicked in the photo booth. Here we discuss photo booth design that you can have to add more fun and excitement into your event.

The rustic way

The rustic way of decoration has also made its way into photo booths. You can couple the lush green with fresh flowers and have wooden decorations to have a stunning photo booth. Having such a photo booth will transform your event to have an exquisite experience.

Neon light installation

You can use rows of neon tubes to customize the photo booth at any event. For example, you can use different colors at the side to have a two-tone influence. Such a design is a unique way to attract guests to the booth. This nature of design is ideal for any nature of event starting from corporate to a wedding.

Chalkboard as backdrop 

A chalkboard can act as a fantastic backdrop at any photo booth in any event. If you are an artist, you can draw the pictures on the blackboard yourself, or else you can have the help of an artist to draw the pictures according to the theme of your event.

Many hanging frames 

You can incorporate photo frames of different sizes to design the photo booth that you have. For example, you can create an arch or have some empty where guests can stand to click their pictures.

Big vintage frame

If you do not like having many photo frames in your photo booth, you can have a big one, making it possible to have a vintage style. You can decorate the frame with fresh flowers and hang it outside to have a unique prop for the booth.

Big moon as a backdrop

If you are trying to decide on the design for a wedding photo booth, then a big moon can be unique. It will help to have a romantic atmosphere in the booth. In addition, your guests, friends, and family members will love to have their pictures clicked at such a booth.

Kaleidoscope effect in a phot booth

You can have a kaleidoscope effect in your photo booth either digitally or physically with the help of mirrors. It is best to have a physical one as your guests can touch and feel the effect.

Having many mirrors

The big brother of a kaleidoscope photo booth is one having many mirrors. Having such a booth with ideal lighting can make it possible to have a striking effect. Also, if you have a small booth due to a shortage of space, then having this design will make your photo booth look bigger.

Popcorn balloons

You can make a garland of balloons and hang them from a hook to decorate your photo booth without spending much. However, the design with different colored balloons will look great and represent the various dreams in life.

Curtain backdrop

You can have curtains as a backdrop of the photo booth. You can use curtains of a single color or various colors to have a fantastic effect in the pictures clicked in the booth. For example, if the photo booth is for a wedding, then it is best to use pink or white colored curtains.

Use of swing 

If you desire to have a GIF or video booth then including a swing, you can offer guests opportunities to have some action. In addition, you can design the swing according to your event theme to not feel out of place. This type of photo booth design is ideal for dinner and other formal events.

There are many more design ideas that you can incorporate into your photo booth for any event. However, if you are in Nassau, Bahamas, it is ideal to call Pic Click Photo Booth Rental. They come forward with different design ideas and implement them after having your approval. Dial 242-565-5414 or 954-623-7424 to discuss your ideas with them.

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