The Princess and the Platypus Foundation – A Virtual Tour of The Princess Diana Museum

The Princess & the Platypus Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that studies, accumulates, and exhibits art and historical artifacts related to the Princess.

About The Princess Diana Museum and The Princess & The Platypus Foundation:

In honour of and inspired by the extraordinary life and work of the late Princess Diana of Wales, The Princess Diana Museum and The Princess & The Platypus Foundation uses innovative technologies and collaborate with museums worldwide and educates younger generations by displaying a collection that showcases the princess’s extraordinary legacy, unmatched kindness, and remarkable journey.


It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organisation that has preserved an essential part of Princess Diana’s heritage for future generations by curating a “never seen before” online Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum. The Princess Diana Exhibit showcases the items displayed in the online virtual museum to private museums, renowned public, and cultural organisations worldwide.

The Princess Diana Museum is one of the largest collections in the world accessible online 24*7 with over 1700 of Diana’s most carefully curated, iconic, historical, and personal artifacts narrating the princess’s incredible life and legacy in a 3D interactive environment. It depicts her early childhood days, teenage years, and sudden, tragic death.

Upon entering the museum, virtual avatars and a real-time location map will guide you through in English or Spanish. The visitors will also be able to share experiences in real-time with exclusive community chat and video features that will develop a sense of belonging. A tour of the museum will give you a unique insight into one of the biggest icons in modern history. This virtual tour is sure to unite people and inspire them to treat others with kindness just as Princess Diana once did.

The museum virtual tour works perfectly with your internet broadband connection and any OS including Mac/Android/iOS/PC on any popular desktop, tablet, or laptop internet browser. However, mobile phones aren’t supported due to the large extent of graphical elements and information rendered.


Inside the museum, you will find several dresses that were worn by the princess and designed by top-notch designers like

  1. Versace Atelier
  2. Caroline Charles
  3. Victor Edelstein
  4. Catherine Walker
  5. Andre Van Pier


  1. The Teenage Years
  2. The Royal Wedding
  3. The Royal Court
  4. A Mother’s Love
  5. Portraits of a Princess
  6. Cover Girl
  7. Fashion Icon
  8. Sequins Saves Lives
  9. Gone Too Soon
  10. Humanitarian
  11. Legacy
  12. Art


The Princess Diana Museum is the first and one-of-its-kind, affordable, and accessible online 24*7 to every visitor with no technical knowledge required. So, if you want to be a part of the princess’s life and want to witness all the incredible iconic pieces up close from the comfort of your home, visit

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