Things To Take Into Account While Selecting A Bathroom Vanity Top

The bathroom is the first room you use in the morning and the last room you use before bed. It naturally plays a dramatic part in how our senses perceive the world.

The vanity top has a vital influence compared to other bathroom amenities. It is also referred to as a bathroom countertop, and it is quite important for improving the room’s usability and appeal. Also, it provides excellent support for bathroom cabinets and sinks.

Yet, in order to find an appropriate vanity top for the bathroom, it is critical to examine variables that directly influence the aesthetic and usability of the vanity top as well as the entire area. Lets’ talk about the factors that need to be considered when choosing a vanity top.

Consider durability:

One obviously needs a sturdy vanity top that can withstand all the abuse over the years. Its strength and quality shouldn’t be affected by the regular interaction it has with water, soap, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, and other filth. In order to preserve hygiene and control clutter, it is crucial to choose a material that is better suited for the humid environment of the bathroom.

Space-Friendly Size:

The size of the bathroom vanity top can be chosen based on the available space. Choose a countertop that is less obtrusive in size if you’re thinking about one for a small bathroom or powder room. A 30-inch bathroom vanity top is typically a well-liked choice for a small space.

On the other hand, one can be liberal with the shape and size of a master bathroom. However, the choice of size might also depend on individual storage preferences.

Material: Natural Stone Vs Exotic Stone:

Natural stones have a good aesthetic appeal and yield significant returns in terms of longevity and durability. For a luxurious bathroom countertop, choose high-quality marble or granite tiles. It is crucial to use sealants to safeguard natural stones that are sensitive and porous so that they remain sturdy and simple to clean.

Cultured marble tiles or cultured granite with a changed composition of fillers and resins may be a better option if you’re looking for a less expensive solution. These stones are non-porous, shiny, and protective due to their solid surface being covered in a “gel layer.”

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